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  1. Wait. DMaarms has driven to Lee Barnard’s Castle? Did I get that right?
  2. Williams is a second year scholar I think. No idea why he hasn’t appeared since then.
  3. There’s some faint irony in our constant churn of players, each holding up OLDHAM VENDING SERVICES. Perhaps the new name for a player agency, if anyone was interested in that sort of thing...
  4. Increase the likelihood of a late salary payment?
  5. I think it’s much harder to be a club legend these days. Shorter tenures thanks to freedom of contract, the all-seeing eye and echo chamber of 24/7 media and social media presence, etc. I’m going a bit BP1960 here (sorry, don’t mean to be rude) but I kind of miss the late 90s/early 00s days of only hearing about players in the Chron online or Teamtalk.
  6. Agreed on Borthwick-Jackson. He just looked average, like he’d given up on fighting to get his career back to a higher level. Not awful, just run-of-the-mill. Fage played well as an individual but – with the notable exception of his run and pass for the goal – not as a team player. There was one moment he crossed and momentum took him behind the goal line, the ball was cleared but he was dawdling back and wasn’t in place to recover it; and another when Bahamboula played a one-two and he hadn’t made the run. Looks like raw material but he needs to get on others’ wavelength.
  7. When this question got posted I thought the answer was obvious... except I couldn’t actually answer it. Not so obvious at all. Hopefully this might help: https://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/economics-and-finance/if-all-governments-are-borrowing-to-fight-covid-who-is-lending
  8. Ha, the irony that ShireBlue posted about Bilboe. Him and Gandalfie McCalmont should work well together.
  9. Two new signings – a defensive midfielder (Brice Ntambwe) and a backup goalkeeper (Laurence Bilboe). Both on one-year deals with options.
  10. So there we have it, this thread is done for now. Won’t be any further updates. Squad 33. Laurence Bilboe (2021 plus option) 30. Mackenzie Chapman (scholar) 1. Ian Lawlor (season loan from Doncaster Rovers) 13. Gary Woods (2021) - half-season loan to Aberdeen 20. Andrea Badan (2022) 17. Jordan Barnett (January 2021) 3. Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (2021) Harry Clarke (half-season loan from Arsenal) 34. Tom Hamer (2022) 15. Kyle Jameson (2021 plus option) 4. Sido Jombati (2021) 5. Carl Piergianni (2022) 32. Will Sutton (scho
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4cr1w9liUjE Watching Thin Red Line tonight and was reminded of this absolute tune.
  12. On the timeline for a vaccine, the FT has some enlightening information on the various trials and potential pitfalls. How close is a coronavirus vaccine? (might be behind a paywall) The most optimistic scenario is successful trials and regulatory approval by the end of this year, then initial delivery to vulnerable groups, then further analysis of trial results before mass rollout mid-next year. The pessimistic scenario is about six months behind that. And there’s a big open question about boosters.
  13. Well my heart isn’t quite in it thanks to the way we’re being run, but I’ve updated the squad list with today’s announcement.
  14. Same problem here. Thought it was my adblocker but the menu icons don’t render even when that’s disabled.
  15. Also: while the European ruling may no longer apply, the concept is baked into UEFA rules. Could see competition rules that require clubs to adhere – not through national law, but membership rules. Don’t want to comply? Fine, you’re not eligible for the big money European tournaments. I think that the PL clubs, who shout the loudest, have the money and the media attention, will set the agenda. And I’m not sure how binning Bosman is in their interest. I could certainly see more squad rules and nationality restrictions from the FA (with reluctant PL support), but that’s about w
  16. Still think it’s unlikely. Look at where the power is: PL clubs (and their European counterparts). Freedom of movement is in their interest more than not (for signings). They’ll apply enough pressure to keep in it place. Where is the demand for it to be revoked coming from? Plus, like I said, there’s an ethical angle. I have issues with clubs holding players to ransom at the end of a contract. It’s not a good look.
  17. Doubt it. Some changes on free movement, but clubs still have to play nice with their European counterparts. Plus if the ethical angle means anything, if it’s not right for clubs to hold player registrations and demand fees after contracts expire then that would remain true regardless of Brexit. https://footyanalyst.com/bosman-ruling-brexit-and-the-impact-on-football/
  18. Although that said isn’t that EFL Hub account prone to linking us with anyone and everyone? I seem to recall they don’t have much of a hit rate.
  19. Think it’s more likely we enquired rather than Chelsea foisted him on us. Maybe not for him specifically, but along the lines of, “Do you have any decent young players who would benefit from exposure to competitive games?” I imagine a young PL loanee is a cheap reserve for us with more promise than paying excessively for a Kokos or Adams like last year.
  20. There were numbers before. Here’s the page from mid-August: https://web.archive.org/web/20200818045449/https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/teams/first-team/ I’m not even sure why I’m going on about it. It would be good if they’d confirm when players are staying or going but it doesn’t really matter.
  21. Those squad numbers were definitely already there.
  22. George Blackwood signs a two year deal. Shirt number 7. Added to squad list in first post of the thread.
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