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  1. Put it down to me allowing social media to get the better of me. I can echo that sentiment. I've a hard day's graft tomorrow and here I am, awake. Time I took some advice and stepped back and reflect. It's all too toxic right now. So, to all those that's stayed out and had to endure the toxic. I apologise. To those that disagree with me, peace out
  2. Easy mistake to make given the username. However accept my apology on getting the wrong person. As I recall that game in question, you had a match ticket and I had a car. It seemed to work out. Plus I'll help anybody out, that's the bellend I am.
  3. Then it's a difficult one really. Another player a prem club sends out to a league two side (at that point) can't possibly be deemed to be one of their better ones. If they were, the prem club would be looking higher. So if you're right about wages, and I've no reason to believe you're wrong, would we stick him in the side?. Who knows, if this player turns up he just maybe the raw real deal. Bertrand came in the higher league.
  4. Au contraire, elle est extraordinaire. So, in your world it's OK to peddle your narrative at every opportunity or even none opportunity, yet someone with opposite opinion is a cock!!!! I firmly believe the current split in the fanbase is not good. I also firmly believe that those of opposite opinion could be brought along if protest was in the ground and not egging the none attendance. A win win situation for all. This is my final point, less of the slurs and you and I will live a more harmonious life. You don't need to like me, you don't have to agree with
  5. I enjoyed the game. The side played through the lines well when we did. Carlisle didn't try footballing, in the main they passed midfield by. Some shocking defending by Carlisle but you have to put the ball away, which we did. Take chances that come your way. You'll win more than you lose. I thought all 3 up top played well and fought from the front, which is good. Gerrity looks a decent addition and if he improves then we've got a player that will have the scouts watching ( I know he's not ours) Definitely something to work with and certainly expect top half as it stands. A
  6. Mmmmmm now there's some milage in that train of thought. I do understand where you're coming from sometimes things can go on to long and there are plenty more injustices in the world to champion. Let it run its course, there is some merit for it yet.
  7. I just can't take a burberry clad hooligan serious . This cock was right though, oddly more agreed than didn't. Different media different reception
  8. Point taken...now copy and paste what I replied to It never ceases to amaze me, I can be polite even when others are not, yet you single me out Matt. I am used to it.
  9. Yes, the lot of them would. Along with me.
  10. Aggressively defend? Yet another blinkered post, how many times have I said he's made mistakes, for which you have the right to bring to account? how many times!!!! What I do bring up on here is the constant insipid character assassination of the bloke that's rife amongst some of the posters on here. It's cowardly. So yes, it balances out those type of posts, Give me a definition of alternative opinion? I'd say an opinion different yo yours, which clearly it is. So what's yours? Now are you by return going to accept that once more I've said BO has made mist
  11. Bullshit?, not a chance. Less than 10 have responded with their reasoned decision not to attend. Absolutely every thread you want to pick on this board certainly in the last 6 months contains posts going on about the owners/Barry/recruitment /meddling/chuckle brothers/FLG/OEC/ Redfleece/ whatever..... What the conversation must have been, what they've done, etc and how until it changes the posters not doing this, not doing that. So I could pull 100's if not 1000's of hearsay posts. I totally respect those posters who have expressed their reasons. I hope in the future they feel differentl
  12. I agree with so much of that. If anyone stops going because of one man, then I find that stagering. It's like the pack on here, not one of them will stop me posting. Not until I can't be arsed anymore. What the pack fail to see, is that I agree with lots they say, and I say I do, but I am not so blinkered or biased. So to say I bring nothing to the debate purely because I, unlike you don't care whether an ex copper is on the board or not, is not correct. You're in effect saying until you agree with me then I am not listening to you.
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