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  1. Given that we’ve scored a huge number of goals but let even more in you’d think we would know what needs fixing but sadly it looks like we’ll have the same defence but lose the goal scorers ....what could possibly go wrong?
  2. As I live a couple of hundred miles away I was thinking of adopting a local non league team to follow and then it occurred to me that Latics will soon be my non league team anyway
  3. Sadly I don’t think it makes a blind bit of difference
  4. Al is a charlatan and an incompetent but make no mistake it is Blitz and his fellow amigos who have destroyed this club it was they who saw it is a property deal wrapped in a little football club it was they that gave up on the football club when the property deal went sour it was they that asset stripped the club as much as they could it was they that broke the club into pieces it was they that knowingly sold a fantasy to clowns like AlMo It IS they that only ever cared about how much money they could make from OAFC
  5. Very sorry to hear this. Condolences to you and your family. His match day thread contributions always used to make me smile
  6. Move over Harry and Meghan THIS is the interview Oprah really wanted
  7. I think HK has completely screwed up this season but his failure is significantly due to the owners and Barry not strengthening at the back properly when it was clear where it was all going wrong Hugely disappointing and completely predictable in conclusion I don’t really think it makes much difference who is manager as they will have a new squad each season and limited control Blitz, Corney, Owen, Lamsagam x2 continue to destroy our club
  8. Excellent report Mr Bosh, I'm convinced our decent performances against Exeter are down to your scouting, pretty sure HK will be studying this prior to making his usual 3 or 4 changes
  9. “We’ve got an Azeri and his name’s.......” ok, maybe not
  10. Gypsy Kings; Bamboleo.... Bahamboula, Bahamboula Down the wing, down the wing, down the wing Bahamboula, Bahamboula He's the greatest player that you have ever seen ..... OK, needs work so back to the red wine
  11. The biggest problem for me here is once again we are going to start a new season with an almost entirely new squad. So many players have passed through Boundary Park in the last few years and I bet if you picked the best from the huge pool you would have a team capable of promotion from League 1 let alone League 2 The underlying problem is we've lacked the necessary overall management consistency and Board commitment to see the job through
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