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  1. Just heard what Dyche said today..... what an absolute c++t... basically saying Premier league clubs should not help lower league teams and used the analogy of a successful hedge fund being forced to help an unsuccessful one!! Actually, hedge funds and the Premier league are a similar breed I feckin hate the Premier league and everything it's done to try and destroy the amazing football pyramid we have in this country but to hear the manager of a club like Burnley who are punching above their weight talk like that is especially galling
  2. It's so sad what these scumbags Blitz, Corney, Gazal, Owen, Lamsagam and his Brother have done to our club 14 managers since 2015 and about same number of wins Absolute C***a the lot of them
  3. If you listen to HK interviews I think he wants to play Premier league style football and perhaps sees Rowe as more of a plan B when our Barcelona passing play has not worked after the first hour
  4. I know it's way, way too early to talk about must win games but we really could do with staying in touch with 7th place for the first 5-10 games until fans (maybe) come back otherwise this is going to feel very deja vu!!!!
  5. I truly hope this post is not re quoted in the coming months
  6. No, if Gavrilo Princip had just chilled out in Sarejevo instead of starting WW1 we'd probably still be in the top tier with a couple of Champions League victories under our belt I blame him and always will .... and of course the asset stripping 3 Amigos are also complete c***s
  7. Gutted we've missed the chance to play in the inaugural UEFA Europa Conference League but at least a 2nd tier North Macedonian team won't have to get the map out whilst muttering "who the f**k are Oldham Athletic?" in Macedonian
  8. It's got that season over by October feeling again hasn't it?
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