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  1. One other thing...did anyone else get the “discount for cash” offer that the little thieving runts in the food kiosk were kindly offering?
  2. Having slept on it I have been thinking about last nights game and I really can’t remember seeing such a poor performance by an Oldham team. Clearly it is no disgrace to lose to a team from the top flight....even their B team but it was the total lack of fighting spirit or basic footballing ability that was so shocking. The kids may or may not have a decent future although they are all pretty lightweight but at least they tried. The more experienced players were just abject and l honestly think my former Saturday pub team would have been capable of at least doing no worse than that shower last night. What it really highlights is that we have a lower table National League team at best....Pidge was excellent against Sutton with the ball in the air and a non league environment but last night with the ball moving quickly on the deck he looked so far out of his depth it was untrue and taking him off at half time was a mercy killing. It’s almost pointless going through other individual performances, in the first half I don’t think we put two passes together so there isn’t much to say. Every player looked scared, didn’t challenge, played simple passes straight to the opposition and seemed utterly lost. I have no idea where we go from here...well actually I know exactly where...Bromley, Maidenhead, Ebsfleet...and as my Son pointed out last night as we plotted our National League tour whilst another 50-50 challenge was lost....”this team is going to struggle at that level” 600 noisy Latics fans last night; the potential remains extraordinary but the reality remains bleak
  3. spot on. I don’t think I have ever seen such a clueless and weak Oldham team, it really was quite embarrassing to watch. great support as you say but a few couldn’t keep control of their emotions and pretty much picked a fight with the stewards when a few young Brentford fans jeered at us when the 5th goal went in, all pretty stupid. I’m usually an optimist but I don’t see much hope for us
  4. Fair point, but you never know, perhaps this is BamBam’ big moment leading to a big money move to Brentford in January
  5. Come on everyone, surely you know football doesn’t always work that way?
  6. I still don’t get it. Dearnley is a professional athlete and is supported by a team of experts...surely it can’t be beyond them (and him) to get him fit and capable of playing football which is one of the least complex or technical sports out there?
  7. The Swindon piece sounds great until the last paragraph where he talks about the money he will make when they get to the Championship and how he can buy a kid for £50k and sell him on for a million or two, or five! Contrast that rosy outlook and then read about Derby increasing their wage bill from £16m to £47m from 2014 to 2018....the Championship is probably the most dangerous sports league in the world if you are not careful
  8. I spoke to someone in the commercial department and he seemed to think we had sold 400+ but that was a couple of days ago before the update so if we take over 500 I still think that is pretty impressive given the circumstances, shame we don't get the twitter updates like we did from Billy. I regard this game as a bit of a free hit...we all assume we will get thrashed so anything better than that is success. I don't think the Brentford fans will have much interest in our current plight.....new money is so much more judgemental than old money So hopefully Tuesday can be a noisy "support the team, not the regime" evening out! 2-1 Latics it's still only feckin Brentford!
  9. Does the fact that we have requested an additional 400 tickets suggest we are close to selling out the first 600? Amazing if we have!
  10. We’re probably playing Brentford reserves so not sure we should be assuming a big defeat is BamBam back I wonder
  11. Thanks BigDog, that’s what I assumed but a bit low on trust atm !
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