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  1. McGahey had a fantastic debut, was thoroughly dominant in the air, as well as Pidge which really diminished Dale's opportunities to score.
  2. Apparently doesn't fit into their system and struggled when deployed as a lone striker. Still, he scored 5 goals in 18 appearances where 10 of those appearances came from the bench, which isn't really bad going.
  3. Yeah, I'm not necessarily against fines. But not really sure I'm keen on sanctions which will ultimately affect fan enjoyment. Because these 12 clubs knew that they would be the pariah's of the footballing world with these plans, but they were counting on their own fan base's approval for them to have the mandate to go ahead. Had the vast majority of their fans not kicked off, or had even endorsed it, they'd have pushed it through. So I don't think it's right to punish the fans along with the owners. But fines on their revenue, would certainly be a more indirect way of sanctioning the clubs without stifling fan enjoyment. Just as anecdote, a Chelsea fan brandishing this sign sums up their sentiments and an appreciation of football not all being glitz and glamour
  4. I’ve often thought that fans of these “big teams” would be completely on board with a break off league, certainly because most of them are seen to be “armchair” fans who’s relationship with football is solely one of entertainment. It’s easy to assume these fans would lap up the prospect of seeing the “elite v elite” every week and to hell with the rest of us. But to be fair the this issue hasn’t even been divisive, it’s been completely rebuked by the vast majority of fans of those 6 clubs and given that these fans have stood up with the rest of football against this, I don’t want to see any sanctions to those clubs directly in terms of points deductions or expulsion from competitions. Although the owners should be barred from football activity for life.
  5. Each team has lost its £8million equity after pulling out. Perez has swindled £80million from his biggest rivals without doing a damn thing
  6. Yep. It's a propaganda term for "obsolete". To these money grubbers pushing for a Super League a Grandad taking his grandson to a game on Saturday afternoon is a "legacy fan". A Twitch Streamer in the United States with high social media engagement who can promote and influence on their platform is "the fan of the future" and the target audience for this whole project.
  7. Not to mention home attendances will plummet. It’s a mid week competition and the fans of these clubs who are most likely to boycott it are the ones who turn up every week. The thing will fail if fans, broadcasters and journalists treat this competition with the same level of credence as they do with those preseason tournaments the likes of Man Utd, Barca, Inter play in America and Japan. Nobody reports on them, nobody cares about them. If everyone who is against this idea across Europe refuses to acknowledge the competition, and expel those clubs from their domestic leagues then it will be much worse for these so called big 15. They might have success viewership wise in the states and in other international territories but they still won’t compete with the combined might of European club football.
  8. Surely we’ve got an extension option on McAleny?
  9. I haven't been this disappointed since I got told we were signing N'Gog and Salah and we got Ngoo and Sylla.
  10. People are allowed to be cynical of signings. We just sold Rowe, one of our better players for peanuts and this guy has played just 10 professional games of football, that's not a lot for a 24 year old.
  11. Nicky Adams and Bobby Grant would have been amazing signings in 2013. Hopefully we can bring in Ryan Lowe for David Perkins next
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