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  1. Surely we’ve got an extension option on McAleny?
  2. I haven't been this disappointed since I got told we were signing N'Gog and Salah and we got Ngoo and Sylla.
  3. People are allowed to be cynical of signings. We just sold Rowe, one of our better players for peanuts and this guy has played just 10 professional games of football, that's not a lot for a 24 year old.
  4. Nicky Adams and Bobby Grant would have been amazing signings in 2013. Hopefully we can bring in Ryan Lowe for David Perkins next
  5. I hope the next plane the Lemsagans board nose dives
  6. Shot to pieces is how Bradford fans have described him. It’s such a Latics signing. Couldn’t get him when he was in his prime and lost out to Brentford and end up getting him 10 years later
  7. Rowe, Dearnley and McAleny are the best strike force we've had (relative to our division) for a very long time, and it's hard to see that any of them will be here this time next season. It's depressing because we only need to tighten up at the back, by bringing in an experienced defender who can lead the team (I dunno, maybe the one on our books who's been in exile all season could do the job) we could have easily been pushing for the playoffs. We should be offering Rowe a 3 year deal, not looking to offload him. He's 30, not 35. It's not like he relies on blistering
  8. GazzaDon KingGhislaine MaxwellRic FlairJoe CalzagheRikishi FatuSarah Harding (Captain)Michael J FoxAdrien BronerSam Smith (Singer) Prince Phillip death - 8th March 2021
  9. Pick 10 celebs who you think will kick the bucket in 2021 and pick one to be your captain. Denote your captain in brackets next to your pick Rules: 1. Every celebrity that dies who is in your team will score you 100 points MINUS their age. Younger picks will net you more points. Picks 100 years old or over won't score any points.2. If your captain dies you get double points for that pick3. No kids. Picks must be 18 years old+4. No points scored before 1st Jan 2021 or after 31st Dec 20215. No new entries or edits to your picks can be made after 31st Dec 20206. You can pick c
  10. Goals https://www.skysports.com/football/newport-vs-oldham/430482
  11. Fantastic win, and not unexpected. Home form needs addressing in the second half of the season.
  12. Goals https://www.skysports.com/football/cambridge-u-vs-oldham/report/430440
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