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  1. We're all at sea defensively but hopefully when Clarke comes back he'll add a bit more stability. Rowe, McAleny and Dearnley are as good of a front three you'll get at this level with Blackwood and Grant also capable of chipping in. I fear that we really need to take this opportunity this season whilst we have this quality upfront to get ourselves out of this division. If we don't go up it's hard to see any of the 3 aforementioned players being here next season and we'll be back to trying to build a forward line who very likely won't be as good as what we've got.
  2. You get them occasionally in the area for pass backs
  3. Shez to Swindon confirmed https://www.swindontownfc.co.uk/news/2020/november/john-sheridan-announced-as-new-town-manager/
  4. Goals https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/12116529/southend-1-2-oldham
  5. We’re a mess defensively, we’ve no fight in midfield, we’re second to every ball and get bullied. But McAleny, Rowe and Dearnley are probably up there with the best attacking players in the division so we have to at least start winning some games by simply outscoring the opposition even if we concede a couple. Tonight will hopefully be one of those nights.
  6. Garrity is okay, but played just as badly as everyone else tonight. He had a couple of semi chances from crosses and didn't connect, like most of the team didn't want to get stuck in.
  7. That last surge by Clarke was one of the only time someone got stuck in and didn't look shit scared of getting involved (Rowe aside). I want to see him and Rowe start next game. Not a huge fan of Lawlor, think he could have done better for their goal. Bilboe looked better on Saturday imo. And sorry to say. Barnett is a bully victim, who gets beaten far too easily with zero fight, we need another left back because he's as weak as a runt child's piss.
  8. Just to add regarding Rowe, McAleny and Bahamboula, not only do they have obvious quality but they're work horses too who get stuck in We really need to shore things up at the back though. Barnett was left in no man's land for their goal, whilst it was a good pass from them, he could have recovered a lot better by trying to get goal side and blocking the cross, instead of trying to simply catch up to their player who left him in the dust
  9. 25% of PL annual revenue being give to the football league isn’t to be scoffed at tbh, that’s enough to ensure the long term survival of clubs that are really struggling.
  10. Yeah but I imagine they’ll get reimbursed on the games they’ve missed anyway and the £15 will work out cheaper than the price per game on their ST perhaps
  11. Sky and BT announced that all PL games not scheduled for TV will now be available for £15 on PPV with the money going to the clubs to compensate for lack of attendance and armchair fans are all up in arms about it. Twitter is full of “We pay for our Sky subscription, it’s a joke!” And “Pricing fans out of football”. It’s fucking glorious to read. Poor bastards have to start financially supporting their club, maybe they won’t be so eager to see their team pay £100mil for a player now that they’re having to fund it.
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