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  1. But Abdallah is putting the foundations in place. Did you not read the minutes from the secret meeting? Tut.
  2. Tremendous from the Trust. Sounds like we're an ambitious club really going places.
  3. Don't forget this Sturridge lad on loan from Bournemouth.
  4. The honeymoon period is well and truly over. Fans are beginning to form their own opinions of Abdallah. Tens of thousands of pounds a week shaved off the wage bill. Undisclosed fees received for a handful of players. Season ticket sales up. Yet this is where we're at, says Frankie; the finances aren't there. We're a broken football club.
  5. Didn't know Garnett had re-signed. Must be getting on a bit.
  6. I think Gardener's half decent, but is it just a coincidence he's been relegated from League 1 twice in two seasons?
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