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  1. He needs to get himself a new Fantasy Football app, the current one clearly isn't working. The following warnings are currently de-activated - overide at your peril: Purchasing this player resuts in an invalid formation of 3-7-0. You have signed too many players from this predominantly shit league - our advice is, do not sign anymore. This player has had over 20 clubs, is now mid 30's and is still regarded as s**t.
  2. Ah... so now we know who typed up the team sheet....
  3. Little intimate that response for a Tuesday afternoon.... thanks for the heads up.
  4. Got a look of Mane TBH, guess we won't be able to criticize him for showing a lack of Desire.
  5. Food for thought. Now the chefs gone perhaps he needs to make more use of the slow cooker.... slowly.. slowly.
  6. When Frankie was appointed I wasn't inspired, it seemed to me at the time to be the cheap option after Al came in to the club, got all excited and spunked his load within the first few months of his tenure, like a kid in a sweetshop. I have never got on Bunns back though. Ultimately we have cut whats left of the cloth, which has now (slowly, slowly) become a rag. Lack of quality and squad depth will cost us any shot at the playoffs. Just hope he doesn't appoint from within.. the cynic in me says he will.
  7. Cardiff at Everton on the same day, same kick off, my guess is they wanted to keep us back as long as possible to avoid any potential confrontation between fans in the centre or at the station. If there was going to be any bother keeping us back would have caused, it, thought our fans were pretty restrained under the circumstances.
  8. After the years of shit we have to endure I think our fans deserve a medal. I didn't hear any boo's until the end other than for the ref. End of the match maybe but that's after the game so fans are entited to voice their opinions after watching that dross.
  9. I'm staggered anyone blame the home support for lack of acoustics for our abysmal home form... good football gets bums of seats. The only time i moved off my seat today was when someone wanted a piss.
  10. Players have already been on strike... Carlisle @ Home.
  11. They took 849 to Bury, plus out limited number of pay on the days might get us over the line for another week! Desperate times.
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