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  1. I have a seat ticket, if anyone would like to swap me for a standing place feel free to drop me a mail
  2. The lucky bastard won't have to freeze his bollocks off in the winter like the rest of us.
  3. Scunny of course, definition of hysterical is our defending for the 2nd goal. Define 'pretty much always' in my mind a draw against relegation fodder isn't a decent result. Maybe my expectations are too high and I should lower them.
  4. What the hell are you on about, they are a shower of proverbial dog turd. Wehoo a point against the mighty Scunthorpe. Agreed it shows how far we have fallen but really, decent? Change your name to Lee Clark, its ok lads we havent lost all season but we have drawn all our games so its progress....
  5. Defending has cost us? Or deciding that being 2 goals ahead we should attempt to hold on to what we've got... to do that you need players who are savy and can retain posession and see a game out, we haven't done either in the last two games. 2 nil up fucked it up. Twice.
  6. He needs to get himself a new Fantasy Football app, the current one clearly isn't working. The following warnings are currently de-activated - overide at your peril: Purchasing this player resuts in an invalid formation of 3-7-0. You have signed too many players from this predominantly shit league - our advice is, do not sign anymore. This player has had over 20 clubs, is now mid 30's and is still regarded as s**t.
  7. Ah... so now we know who typed up the team sheet....
  8. I cringe when seeing the headlines when these players sign, the former Premier League star, 'injury plagued ex Port Vale forward' would be much more accurate. As with anyone we sign I hope they do well, can't help but think we are seriously scraping the barrell with this one.
  9. Little intimate that response for a Tuesday afternoon.... thanks for the heads up.
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