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  1. Tommy Wright to the end of the season at the County Ground
  2. Interested to know how you came to that conclusion? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to continue bespoiling this great thread
  3. Yep agreed. Trust owns the relationship with the club and the owners. PTB/FLG own the relationship with the fans. Trust becomes aware of a crisis brewing - straight on the phone to PTB/FLG who get the word out and organise whatever protest/pressure is needed. Ideally trust will also be working on building a war chest/rolodex of rich locals who may be able to get us out of the shit.
  4. Yep Porter - 22 in all comps. Hughes 18, Kuqi and Lang 16, Baxter 15 since then.
  5. https://thefsa.org.uk/news/newcastle-united-launch-drive-to-purchase-club-shares/
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