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  1. Aaron Holloway to, errm, India! https://the72.co.uk/197181/ex-wycombe-wanderers-oldham-athletic-and-shrewsbury-town-man-secures-india-move/
  2. Premier League Another low scoring week. Only 5 players scored any points, with @astottietop scoring with 3, climbing 6 places as a result. @24hoursfromtulsehillchose not to participate in such a poor scoring fixture, but only dropped one place. The only other significant movement was @Ex_patjumping three places into 4th. Championship Three players scored three points here, @LaticsPete, Lawman (despite predicting an away win but no latics scorer), and @Nohairdontcare. The latter jumps 5 places into 2nd, and Lawman moves out of the drop zone. @Laticsbiffo didn't predi
  3. See Scholes is picking up from where he left off
  4. Fake crowd noise is fucking annoying. Almost as bad as Roy sniffing. Sniff sniff.
  5. Our communications strategy is woeful (or more likely, non-existent).
  6. Entries so far. If multiple entries, lowest in the list is the most recent. Username HT FT First Scorer Ryan L 0-1 1-2 McAleny Latics and England L 0-1 1-4 McAleny hinchy W 0-1 2-1 McAleny Latics_Fanatic L 1-1 1-3 Bahamboula JohnG123 W 1-0 2-1
  7. Don't forget your preds. http://owtb.trustoldham.co.uk/
  8. Fucking Salford? Jesus. The team that tried to steal Oldham's place in the Super League? I'd rather boil my own head than cheer for them.
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