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  1. Any idea what this means? Last season, Wolves made it out of their group before falling to a 3-0 defeat to Salford City in the knockout stages who later made it to the final of the competition that is still to be played. Please note, for this fixture they are classed as U21 so will feature U18s for those players who represent the U23’s domestically but are too old for this competition.
  2. Nope, not got that one either, Good tip about NoScript though - I'll add a warning to the page
  3. Nope nothing there. Strange. Can you try with a different browser and post in here straight after you've predicted, so I can compare timestamps?
  4. Careful FB, the walls have ears. Or should that be closed doors?
  5. Course they will - they'll blame 'bad apples' and back his decisions.
  6. Comfortable home win to paper over the cracks, and get the fans back on board
  7. If Wheater was dreadful last season, I'd love to hear how you'd describe our current defence.
  8. Don't forget to get your predictions in http://owtb.trustoldham.co.uk
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