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  1. Ipswich boss thinking of the 3rd round draw already: https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/41267/cook-id-love-norwich-at-home-in-the-third-round
  2. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/teams/first-team/midfielder/joseph-edwards/
  3. Yep 7 points - you moved up one place to 5th (and are now 6 points clear of 6th)
  4. Anyone else involved? I've been doing some volunteering down at Wilmslow Albion, in the Manchester League. Been good fun so far - lots of decent people, in contrast to my typical football experience... say no more. Anyway they're aiming to raise funds towards clubhouse renovations via a weekly lottery. Only £4 a month to enter - less than the cost of a pint! If you're interested, link below - every little helps! https://wilmslowalbionfootballclub.co.uk/50club
  5. https://www.fai.ie/ireland/news/report-ireland-mu19-1-1-sweden-mu19 84 mins
  6. It'd have been a bit fucking late! And what/who would they have been protesting against? Lots and lots of people pulled together when Moore left - one guy gave me the reg off his car to auction, people were posting me cheques, all sorts. There's a latics family out there, hopefully one day we'll have something worth supporting together again.
  7. Back on topic (ahem) looks like Will Sutton's loan was extended at Witton, given he's been featuring in recent games. May be coming back in a week or so? Who knows?
  8. We can't afford to pay (rumoured) six figure fees for players.
  9. That's not how it works though is it, particularly if the clowns are shutting the bars
  10. 18. Jamie Bowden - on season-long loan from Spurs 26. Faysal Bettache - on season-long loan from QPR
  11. Vani has signed on to be part of our 22/23 national league title winning team.
  12. Added the ? to Harrison's contract end date. Who knows?
  13. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/september/ticket-news-for-rochdale-vs-oldham-athletic-on-25-sep-21/ 1600
  14. We competed pretty well in that game till legs gave out: Goals: Kanoute 37, Keane 64, Defoe 71, Bunjevcevic 87, Gardner 90, Kanoute 90.
  15. He's clearly got insider knowledge, so more than guesswork imo
  16. Leutweiler Fage - Pidge - Sheehan - Jameson Adams - Whelan - Bowden - Bettache Hope - Luamba
  17. One of the commentators did a run through tonight
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