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  1. I think that he may think he can do a job at the moment if he can bring in the players he wants, but when they tell him the playing budget he has to work with he'll realise he probably cant. Unless there's a surge in season ticket sales and the Chief Exec can stop pissing sponsors off and find some new ones in the process, there won't be enough in the pot to tempt him to stay and give it a go. That's without taking in the handicap of working with these owners.
  2. If Curle isn't given the job for next season then it's pointless bringing in him. There's no point in him sorting out the defence, setting us up in a set style, then off he goes for someone else to come in and change it again with different players foisted upon him.
  3. This is what I see happening. It seems a strange way of going about things but we shouldn't expect anything else really. Just let Butler get on with it if they think he's the man. He seems to have been around the coaching scene quite a bit over the years so I can't see what Curle's going to teach him in two months. I'm not saying I'd go with Butler, but that's looks the most likely outcome.
  4. That's probably the team I'd pick, but I reckon he'll go Lawlor Adams Clarke Jombatti Borthwick Ntambwe Hillsner Tasdemir Bahamboula Grant McAleny There's at least three of those that make me shudder when they're anywhere near the starting line up
  5. We could possibly take over Grant's contract with Wrexham to the end of the season to free up a loan space. I'm just clutching at straws really and trying to find out ways of not signing Garrity if the Posh lad thing is true
  6. I love watching him, and if scouts from other clubs don't rate him that's their lookout. They may be right and maybe I know nothing about football, but if the end result is that he stays here for a while, then I'm happy in my ignorance.
  7. I've got an awful feeling that the lad we had on loan from Salford last year at the same time as Piergianni is going to be our replacement for Rowe
  8. Not sure about the recent results bit. After taking one point from the first five games we've taken thirteen from the last eight, won all our Mickey Mouse Cup games and won in the FA Cup. It doesn't feel like it, but by our standards we're in a good run of form
  9. Sadly it looks like there are plenty of Football League chairman who are backing it
  10. Do I know him, Phil? Is he a mate of Dave Holt, or am I thinking of someone else?
  11. It's only 5 games in, so far too early to take take the league table seriously overall. There's no way Morecambe are going to win the league for example, The problem is, we might finish bottom.
  12. This division is site. Plenty of teams will play as bad defensively as Carlisle did, including us no doubt. The key thing is that we made them pay for it.
  13. So Simon 'I'll leave you in a better place than I found you' Blitz, is putting us back in the place where he found us.
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