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  1. Anyone else notice the new MD (think she might be called Natalie )and another OAFC employee were there . MD was taking detailed notes and I thought she might have been recording the presentation as she kept checking her mobile. They were chatting with Simon and Broady before the meeting started.
  2. Bury's head safety officer is under the impression the east stand is going to be open to us.
  3. Ticket office told me this morning they were waiting for confirmation from Bury about the extra 300 tickets
  4. £3 per win, £1 per draw (all competitions) £5 if we score 3 or more in a match, £10 if it's a hatrick (excluding penalty shoot-outs) £10 if goalie scores (excluding penalty shoot-outs) £20 if Ripley comes back £20 if promoted through play-offs, £50 if automatic
  5. because the decision was made at lunchtime (too late I know) & I they didn't want the Millwall fans kicking off. This is according to Bury's security guy
  6. Bury's match would have been off, but the decision was made to play because it was against Millwall
  7. It was one of the guys that took part in the half-time match. Spoke to one of the other players yesterday and he's stable in hospital & breathing on his own.
  8. £3 per win / £1 per draw (double if score more than 3) £10 for a hatrick £10 if the ball goes over the North Stand £50 if promoted automatically / £20 if promoted through the playoffs
  9. £3 per win/£1 per draw in all competitions £10 if the ball lands on the new stand roof £10 if we beat Barnsley home or away Mum's pledge: £1 per goal, doubled if score 4 or more £10 for a hatrick
  10. In all competitions, £2 per goal, double if we keep a clean sheet or score 3 (or more) in a match £10 for a hatrick £10 if a ball goes through the new stand (before the windows get put in) Mum's pledge: £2 per JCH Forte or Philliskirk goal £1 for a JCH Forte/Philliskirk assist £10 per JCH Forte/Philliskirk hatrick
  11. so has anyone received their winnings from this? My mum's horse came 2nd but nobody's replying to PMs.
  12. I know, but if people complete the questionnaire it'll at least cheer me up a bit
  13. Hi All, I'm a researcher at Manchester Uni & we're looking for healthy volunteers to complete a short on-line questionnaire looking at levels of a personality trait called schizotypy. The questionnaire takes just a few minutes to complete and all those completing the questionnaire will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning £100. (Terms & conditions available) If you are aged 18-45years old, and have no history of psychiatric problems or depression, we'd like to hear from you. Please follow the link below which will take you directly to the website with the q
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