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  1. Can you POTD? asking for family of ex latics players as i'm unable to attend albeit this is the closest fixture to me all frikin season....:(
  2. he's not everyone's cup of tea....but what gives you the right to slag off a young lad who is passionate about the club and harmless? £24 to get in tonight which is a scandal for 4th division level football and even more with the quality or lack of it served up tonight. Lot of effort with no real purpose....said I'd be happy with a point at the start and a clean sheet is a bonus.
  3. haha.....but what would you give for someone as talented as GB these days....the original Ginger Prince
  4. someone mentioned yesterday, and I havn't checked the accuracy of this but when we were in the Premier League...FGR were 16 levels below us in the league structure...:(
  5. haha....avant garde west coast pale ale rules
  6. cannot believe how many folk are already thinking we will lose.....ffs biggest game for a long time when our fate is entirely in our hands....for all those attending tomorrow, we need the majority encouraging the team and not fkin moaning from the very start....if ever we need everyone to Keep the Faith it is tomorrow from Ko to the final whistle....once the game is over, those who find it helpful can moan till the fkin cows come home
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