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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/american-football/george-edmundson-in-firm-huddle-stance-as-rangers-loan-star-stands-tall-ahead-of-derby-starting-slot/ar-BB1dShcI
  2. Why? He might be confidently awaiting them actually going on sale, whilst attempting to do something about the issues. Shut up, Monty
  3. No he just kicks it back there every chance he gets then ten man walks out of position so they can score then silently ten man walks back into position ready to boot it far as he can from the restart. Must have a bet on ball in play stats or sumat.
  4. Bazza on record saying we cant afford promotion and SC selling the manager for £40K when it looked like we might do it. New boss, lower division, same shit.
  5. left footed Fage isn't he? pls nobody say yeah hes got two of them
  6. with pidge in the team the ball spends more time out of play for opposition goal kicks and throw ins than MO spends flat cap shopping. Also spends more time in our net than when he isn't in the team. He's shite. Proper, Proper Shite. and his ten men walk is embrrassing.
  7. Called it at the start of the season we had a top attacking unit and that a CDM and a CB would send us up. My over positive mindset has sheilded me from seeing how right l was. Still hoping against hope that HK's Joe Royle tactics will come good. Always back the manager and l do like him BUT l really hated it when he said if he had the money he would sign a striker and that theres no point trying to defend in division 4. lts the kind of frustrating arrogance people must feel when reading my posts
  8. was gona saytheyre still at £270 on website, but 1st march explains that.
  9. l was gona say that, but l think his point was that his previous subs had painted us into a corner. Think so anyway, so l didnae say it.
  10. Switch Macca and DKD and you won't be far wrong. Personally, l'd pick Jameson over Pidge. Where is CBJ? Random reappearance from him jus cos that's what HK does!!
  11. Jombati is probably suffering vile racist abuse on the sewer that is twitter. l wouldnt know, l'm not a nosey cunt so l never quite understood the platform. Jambutty is not racist, it's a play on his name which happens in many peoples minds when they read his name. l used to use it, but l once wrote Jambo in an attempt to shorten it, not sure if that's racist but it sounds like it, so l stopped. Lots of our fans are fuckin knobeads. If it wasn't for COVID then DKD would never have won player of the month, our 'fans' at the matches would have ruined him.
  12. No. His passing can be incredibly poor at times, usually the simple ten yarder. The guy has talent, l like him.
  13. He did do that thing where he dives in legs first again after he parried Vaughans volley. Very surprised when their chap didnt go down.
  14. Just think, it's quite likely hardly any of us will get to actually see him live in a Latics shirt
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