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  1. Had a few issues posted to me good read.
  2. I would love to see this merge or replace the Checkatrade. The English clubs would take great numbers to games. Home games I fear would be a case of two stands open. As a lot of these teams from Scotland in the lower leagues struggle to get more than 500. Cannot imagine the away support being great or make much revenue.
  3. Not been on here for a while but R.I.P Dave. met him a few times decent lad and the web shop thing he did for the playershare.
  4. Barry stepping down can only be a good thing. He has used his roles at Oldham for his own personal gain. Glad that Abdullah is bringing in fresh faces. Only met Paul Snoddy and his Wife briefly. Know they both have there own business & both big Oldham fans. Which means they undeeatand both from a business pespective & a fans one also.
  5. Agree was explaining this to a few of the young Athleticos who didn't get a ticket and desperate to be in with the rest. Told them some of the best Atmopsheres at away games was the originality and unique chants fans get going. Just need a few loud voices to get it going.
  6. Colne 5 Glossop North End 0. Slope of a pitch, one side game quality Pie, Peas & Gravy.
  7. He his in his comfort zone at Rochdale he knows they have been pushing above there weight. Likelihood is he knows he won't get job higher than League one also.
  8. I liked what I have seen agree he has work to do and clearly won't be anywhere near Wolves Starting line up or that of a Championship side either. I would keep him, its obvious when Doyle is back he will play second fiddle to him & Davies. However the fact he can only last 60min or so. He could become a good impact player to bring off the bench if needed. He has goals in him an eye for goal and clearly likes to run with the ball.
  9. Dont remember Barnsley at home did Michael Hughes score on first 5min or something? but Bradford away was something special.
  10. Mentioned on the book thread about this book a read and a real insight into the system. Looking forward to watching the Documentary.
  11. 1.Peter Key 2. Prince Phillip 3. Leah Blackwell (Zoe Tate Emmerdale) 4. Jimmy Greaves 5. Gordon Banks (Captain) 6. Bobby Charlton 7. Chris Rea 8. Henry Kelly 9. Gene Simmons 10. Ringo Starr Prince Phillip 20th March
  12. Out of interest anyone staying in Newquay on Saturday who's be on the Sunday morning flight at 9am?
  13. Wroked it all out two trains after the game ends both involve a change but easy to able.
  14. For anyone who hasn't booked so long as you get travel down there is still flights on the Sunday from Newquay prices between £30 and £45
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