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  1. Latics have made a number of visits to the County Ground over the years, so I thought this may be of interest. An article about Swindon’s link to the famous Italian architect Nervi, who also built Fiorentina’s stadium and the Stadio Flaminio in Rome: https://calcioengland.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/florence-rome-swindon-how-the-grand-master-of-italian-stadium-design-nearly-made-his-mark-in-england/
  2. Giorgio Chiellini worth a shout - just knocked out his MBA, complete with a thesis on the business model of Juventus Football Club.
  3. Not to be condoned, but if anyone fancies hedging their bets, tickets have just gone on sale for the home end...
  4. There's a difference between gross wages paid to the player and full employer costs (which include additional things like National Insurance and Pension contributions). In my line of work its typically assumed that the latter items add about 20% to the narrow wage cost. So it may be that the 1.3m and 1.7m are both right, give or take...
  5. ...valid point, but deprivation is more than just income - it's a whole basket of stuff including health, education and crime.
  6. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/18939/10020841/swindon-v-oxford-crowd-trouble-sees-five-arrest-by-thames-valley-police I'm not exactly sure how a pi$$ed up Oldhamer in a nearby town warrants being added to the arrest totaliser. Was it anyone on here? ;-)
  7. Slightly left field request; I'm after a link to the video of the short press conference that Barry Owen gave at the height of the Ched Evans siege on BP in January. The one where he seemed to be wearing a Christmas sweater, appeared edgy and signed off with the classic line "thank you gentleman..........and ladies" I'm running some training at work on presenting and wanted to contrast a good and bad example of public speaking. I'll let you speculate as to which category this Baz classic falls into The YouTube link I had is sadly now broken; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc3S9q5yaTs&
  8. Maybe of interest to anyone who was left disappointed by Father Christmas' offering this year... Current season home and away adult shirts available for £14.99 on SD.com; you have to pay £3.99 delivery but can get 20% off today (New Years Day) using the code TAKE20. i.e. long sleeved home shirt delivered to your door for £16.
  9. £75 for Liverpool this season, through their basic hospitality ticket - in laws are scousers...
  10. £75 for Liverpool this season, through their basic hospitality ticket - in laws are scousers...
  11. Great performance to a man out there today - with one exception. I am genuinely surprised by support for Harkins in here; granted it was his first game - and a cameo chasing the game against a Prem team, but still... Clearly overweight, yet easily muscled off the ball, too many flicks and seemingly unable to get the ball under control. Maybe fitness related but just looked too immobile for my liking. I would love to be proven wrong, but the signs didn't look great to me!
  12. Paddypower offering odds for L. Barnard as a Latics scorer in today's match... http://www.paddypower.com/football/football-matches/english-league-1-matches/Coventry-v-Oldham-6282462.html#ev_6282462_mkt_grp_323852 Couldn't see anything on fishal or here about Barnard - have I missed something?
  13. Anyone who thinks we would get £1m+ for Tarky needs a reality check. A very good L1 defender, but everyone knows we're skint - and unfortunately our track record for selling off talent quickly and cheaply will count against us here. Rightly or wrongly, I can't see us turning down a bid of £600-800k should such a bid materialise.
  14. I was only 11 at the time of this and have some vague memories of the campaign - a search of the archives fills a few of the gaps in terms of opponents and results, but I'm intrigued to hear about anyone's first hand experience of those games (home and away). I seem to remember that there were reports of a load of British sailors attending one of the away games? It strikes me that the tournament probably didn't really capture the imagination in the same way that it would now; we had after all just been spoiled by a several years of relative success in league and cup. I've managed to s
  15. I'm not sure I'd be so blunt to say it was :censored:. We did create at least 3 or 4 golden chances, but so did Crawley at the other end - only wasteful finishing and a smart stop from Oxley kept it to one.
  16. This guy obviously turned up late midweek and missed the first half; which was, by all accounts, half decent.
  17. Pretty sure the only position Chris Taylor didn't play was CB - defo remember stints at RB and in net too.
  18. Alex Kiratzaglou (sp?) - Aussie who put in 5 mins during the Ritchie era I believe...
  19. Another fantastic victory - and all the more important that we are starting to do it in front of our own fans! Just starting to think that TP may be the messiah...I guess we'll know after Tuesday Just taking a look at our run-in; March is going to be a difficult month as we're playing 4 of the top 6! Given the inconsistency of teams at the top and our recent form, do people think there is anything to fear there? Either way, the good news is that April fixtures look a bit kinder
  20. The ginger lad (anaemic-looking Scholes) that got chucked out with his missus was on the hospitality package up at Norton Grange before the game. He rocked up beforehand in a brand new BMW X6...though obviously doesn't know how to bahave himself!
  21. I got heckled by some scouse knobbers in the main stand for booing Piennaar's snail paced exit. Would love to say i had a dig at them after the equaliser, but they'd already left the ground by the time I had been peeled off the ceiling!
  22. We need a motivator with just a little tactical nous, someone who has been there (at the wrong end of the table) and done it before (stayed up). This isn't about long term, its about making sure we are still in L1 come August, then we can make a long term and more measured appointment over the summer. Someone not afraid to play ugly. Not very exciting, but someone in the Russell Slade mould (not him as he has a job though)???
  23. We simply cannot give up the whole of the RRE, the club must push back hard on this for the reasons given above. Is there any sense at all that the Liverpool game wasn't a success in terms of safety and crowd management? A very small number of minor incidents by the sounds of it, so why change?
  24. I started reading this thread and assumed it was going to be a sarcasm-laden swipe at SC - glad I continued reading! A good post I really don't get the negativity from others around his involvement at the club. He could have cut his losses years ago and those would have been the actions of a rational businessman - the fact that he has stayed and continue to cover our losses year after year (though perhaps this season might be an exception now) makes me think he does care...and perhaps more than a little. There IS going to be no big pay out for him or TTA when he finally says "enough" and
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