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  1. Felipe Morais will not play for Grimsby Town again after his involvement in being headbutted by one of his own team. He is contracted till the end of next season.
  2. If McAlmont is to develop, Leeds won't be looking to loan him out to a Division Two side next season.
  3. Sadly, all but 3 of those seasons have been in my lifetime as a Latics supporter.
  4. So the more we give the ball away the better chance of hitting them on the counter?
  5. Also went to this one. Remember Bobby Collins running the show.
  6. As quoted in my local rag (Leicester Mercury) he has been loaned out to PNE.
  7. Iverson signed a 4 year contract with Leicester whilst he was with us. As a loanee he was only going upwards.
  8. Can't understand why anybody would go to the trouble of buying a ticket, travelling to the game then leaving early. No matter how poor the game. Still, different strokes for different folks.
  9. Self isolating apparently after a trip to France.
  10. Ben Tozer the Cheltenham Town captain saying he was frozen out at Newport after being labelled a bad egg.
  11. Nice to see that someone had the intelligence to understand my original post.
  12. Try and keep up. They have made 4 signings this window. I would say that that is making an effort.
  13. Ollie Banks signs for Barrow. They seem to be making a concerted effort to get out of trouble.
  14. Can anybody recall what time the game in Nottingham kicked off? Also am I right in thinking that the 6th of January fixture was the first time an FA Cup game had been played on Sunday?
  15. Perhaps you are unaware that Corbyn has been gone for some time now. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Boris.
  16. Appreciate that that remark is tongue in cheek. But this is why most people outside of football and some within, can't understand how you can plead poverty on one hand and splash the cash with the other.
  17. Mark Palios was on TV at the weekend berating the EFL for lack of ideas and leadership. So I dont hold out any hope there.
  18. Easy come easy go. Or a fool and his money are easily parted ( no offence meant).
  19. George Edmundson charged by Scottish FA reference Covid 19 breaches.
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