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  1. Stick - obviously. He’s been landed with some of the worst players we’ve ever had so I’m not going to judge him on results so far. He has been very vocal about the fact that some of them aren’t good enough which I assume is him agitating in public for a say in some wholesale recruitment changes. Assuming he is allowed a say, I’d much rather someone going into the window with a view on who he wants and doesn’t want as opposed to someone new... again. He also has a promotion from this level on his CV. We all know nothing really changes until the clowns at the top
  2. Who’s the lad who’s come on a couple of times in midfield? Vaughan? Thought he looked bright and confident. Would like to see some more cameos from him.
  3. I agree - saying he played crap is different to calling him a prick or whatever. I’d seen more of the former and less of the latter which was my point. But as I say, I tend to ignore certain posters on the different sites so that is possibly why.
  4. There was one racist comment on Twitter which rightly was jumped upon by everyone else and the account has since been deleted. Beyond that I don’t think I’ve seen anything particularly over the top, but again, maybe I subconsciously know who to ignore and therefore skim past anything they post. What I have seen is plenty criticising both Jombati’s performance (which was terrible) and his picking a fight with Clarke (which was stupid and only ever going to result in one thing). I’ve also seen plenty rightly criticising Kewell for not subbing him at HT - it was painfully obvious how
  5. Of course it’s a problem. Even aside from our dreadful defensive record and the shoddy communication coming out of the club about it, it’s another example of the powers that be falling out with an experienced pro. It’s not THE problem but it’s certainly a problem.
  6. A really good podcast as always - thought your style of questioning/interviewing made the interview a really enjoyable listen. The Wheater situation is farcical. On the one hand he’s just unfit but on the other hand he’s not going to play for the club again. I know it’s boring to be still talking about it, and it’s clearly not the major point in the interview, but these are exactly the kind of issues which will continue to negatively impact fans’ opinions of the regime.
  7. Spot on. Teachers are doing a brilliant job in unbelievably difficult circumstances and should be recognised as such.
  8. Garrity is not good enough and I’m really surprised there’s any debate on that. Ntambwe is clearly not the most gifted player in the world but does at least serve a purpose of breaking up play. Really hard to watch that and felt as though the final whistle put us out of our misery. Experience all through Tranmere’s team but of course anyone over the age of 32 has no use at this level... Not surprised one bit that we lost tonight and I think Tranmere are a very safe bet for a top 7 finish. That said I’m not going to lose my shit over it. This is
  9. Belting result and 2 quality goals. For all the stick he’s had, Blackwood’s finish was a touch of class and nothing more needs to be said about Rowe’s strike! Seems that perhaps we’re better suited to playing the ‘better’ teams or the ones who will come at us more with our counter attacking style. Now Kewell needs to crack how to control a game at home and break down less attacking sides - no mean feat with our weak-as-piss midfield.
  10. Yes the interviewer isn’t great and asks predominantly leading questions but I’m not sure it would be fair to criticise too much. We know our great leader has a reputation for giving people the chop should they disagree with his point of view so I can’t blame the lad for pedalling the message of positivity and protecting his job. It was a complete waste of everyone’s time though and again served to show how out of touch the club are with a huge number within the fan base (or ‘the minority’ as they like to call them).
  11. Not much to say that’s not already been said - that was a real horror show. DKD, Blackwood and Garrity are not even close to being good enough even for this awful level. This felt like a real chance to push away from danger and start to look up the table and we put in a performance like that?! Kewell has to shoulder a lot of the responsibility with his constant chopping a changing. Whilst we’ve shown glimpses, 3 or 4 of the performances this season could have seen him sacked on the spot. Not that there’s a great deal of point whilst we have ALMOBO in the picture. Getting
  12. The point was more how little Rangers fans seem to rate him. I’d been under the impression he was doing alright there (I seem to remember some decent Europa League reports) but evidently not. I doubt the fans would be reacting the same way to someone who they deem less expendable like Morelos.
  13. Rangers fans on Twitter don’t seem to think he’ll play for them again. Doesn’t seem to have had a look in this season and doesn’t sound as though they rate him particularly highly.
  14. Lots of attacking intent today and we do have genuine quality in the final third with Rowe, McAleny and Dearnley. Bahamboula shows signs of promise but needs to do it over more than 45 mins. Garrity seems to have a knack of popping up in the box at the right time and whilst I’m far from convinced on him, that’s a good trait to have. Defensively we are still piss poor and the longer that is the case, the more the Wheater situation becomes even more farcical. Get the back four sorted and we really shouldn’t be a bad first eleven at this level. Buzzing with the
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