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  1. Assume it’s Curle who will be leaving. And assume that’s because the alleged remarks were of a racist nature?
  2. oh Bahamboula you are the love of my life..
  3. Exactly. I feel we caved in and gave them an easy option.
  4. You’re of course correct. Was just making the point that the model is essentially the same.
  5. And a massive puppet to Gary Nev. Funny how board interference there is obviously massive but it doesn’t get the same attention as the same thing apparently going on with us?
  6. Fucking hell we win a few games and we are worried about contracts and losing our superstar manager! Think we need to calm down a tad.
  7. 10th goal of the season from left back wasn't too shabby
  8. Danny Rowe is a good player. There have been loads better than him in the last 25 years but that's beside the point and he should be starting every week. With backing he could be really significant for us over the next few years but no doubt the ownership will fuck that up somehow.
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