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  1. Less than 200 of the 2,200 allocation remaining. Wow.
  2. It amazes me how much "little tinpot Oldham" can wind so many fans of the opposition up on Social Media. Twitter is a right laugh, at times.
  3. James Robinson‏ @jamesrobbo26 3h3 hours ago It will be really embarrassing if Oldham fans start singing no ney never again tomorrow. It's a song between Rovers and Burnley fans, we don't care about you lot!!!
  4. Don't see what's so funny about that. Maybe my memory fails me then.
  5. I used to know someone who worked at Blackburn and got us cheap tickets. Went vs Newcastle one year. Got us pitch side before the game and I was lucky enough to get Bobby Robson's autograph. If I remember rightly, Blackburn used to have a drummer and used to create a brilliant atmosphere. Can't imagine what it's like now though. Hopefully we'll get 2k+ there.
  6. Our fans are on another level, at times. I love this club. I'm off to get pissed.
  7. Future Headline: Fans of Blackpool and Oldham swarm the pitch in protest against their owners.
  8. Have we heck got all those injuries. Something gone on here.
  9. The reaction from the Brighton fans say it all really. Cracking signing and only 22 years of age. Nice one.
  10. Just had a look at a video which shows the fans in the North Stand reacting to the goal. Has made me think about going into the North Stand vs Rochdale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StjArPrVa2M&t=220s 3:25
  11. What's happened with top off George and the Athleticos/Gate 16 saga?
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