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  1. I take it Maarmsy’s latest tweet is about someone else leaving and not the doctor?….although I’m struggling to identify who a long serving member of the backroom staff might be!
  2. Chesters mild was a belting pint and brewed in Ardwick and later in Salford I think…production of their mild ceased sometime in the late 80’s and the brewery closed completely in 99.
  3. “So, bearing in mind that only very talented footballers make it even as far as our standard” What, like Sefil & Vera?
  4. IF McGahey doesn’t work in a three which as you say our manager prefers then why bring him in ??
  5. We are now only 3 weeks away from our first home league game and still no news on the North Stand situation! Its not happening is it?
  6. ‘Keith believes he can bring in players more suited to League two withany money we get for Dylan.’ Do you mean by paying bigger salaries? Unless the EFL loan is paid off we will still be limited to 22 players and free transfer acquisitions.
  7. Relegation playoffs more likely, can’t see anything other than another season of shite…..Turds cannot be polished! I’d settle for that if it resulted in the ’s leaving the building!!
  8. Absolutely diabolical….Anyone abusing/assaulting NHS staff should receive a minimum sentence and a massive fine without exception.
  9. A trialist is a trialist …So I say again why mention them?
  10. What it needs I think is a balance between the two. I like the way PTB have brought the key issues to the fore and managed to get a large proportion of the fanbase on board in a relatively short space of time but the legalities, the ACV, the meetings with the EFL etc. etc. are still an important part of the overall process. I want these ’s out no doubt but to be effective it has to be done in the right way!
  11. Dearnley scoring and still on the field at the end is probably a bonus!
  12. That would have been OK if it was Benachour who was shown the door because by all accounts Murray was very well respected within the club and had a huge hand in progressing the academy. I admit to not knowing the true facts but it stinks of jobs for the boys!!
  13. In the grand scheme of things it’s a drop in the ocean and won’t make much difference to the overall situation. Thats our two best players from last season gone for ALMOst fu** all!!!
  14. He’s probably the most technically gifted player outside of the Championship but only valued at £150k + add ons!!! The add ons will have to be big, surely.
  15. AL could solve the problem if he so wishes…..SELL…THE…CLUB!!!!
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