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  1. Needed to bring in some men who could mix it, not more lightweights. Bringing on DKD just made the team even weaker. No belief in the team no matter what Curle may say. Definitely not “dealing with it “
  2. One purple patch in an undistinguished career so far does not a player make
  3. What has to happen before DKD gets dropped, it’s an exaggeration to call him mediocre?
  4. Got to be better than DKD!! Though unlikely he can arm wave as impressively
  5. DKD is a shocker, brings nothing to the team. Can't tackle, passing is poor, decision making rubbish. What do the coaches see in him?
  6. Jamie Hopcutt seems a decent signing, but I wish they could bring in some cover for Cisse, cos I can’t see one in the squad.
  7. I've thought Jameson too casual too, then I realised he's just no good
  8. Still keep playing as they are and we will get something out of the game. Another 10 corners and a defence letting in another goal for 2-0 down. Groundhog day !
  9. DKD has not spent the off season learning to tackle. Still thinks it's a push with the arms. Waste of space when we don't have the ball .
  10. I think Kewell must bear responsibility for this squad. His philosophy of defence doesn’t matter led to us recruiting a lot of lightweight ball players who disappear when the opposition have the ball. This was compounded with the January window signings when the team was crying out for a spine of tough physically strong players but instead we got lightweights who made such little impression that they appear to have been sent back before the season ended. If Curle stays he will want recruits in a different image.
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