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  1. Why have Clarke and Pidge swapped sides, both now on the wrong foot.
  2. If Kewell has any sense he'll get Taz off, push Grant back up top and get Ntambwe on who actually plays a defensive midfield role
  3. Trouble is, this team absolutely cannot do the basics well enough. Not helped by players asked to play positions they are not suited for. Grant is never a hold up forward in a million years, Hilssner is good on the ball, but not as a defensive midfield player. We have no natural left side ahead of the full back, McAleny is a striker, but when not on the ball offers nothing to the team and there is no-one doing his defensive work. Still, what do I know, I'm not a former Premier and international capped player!
  4. I honestly don’t know what some of the players did on trial to earn a contract. Some like Blackwood and Tazdemir are so featherweight they would blow over in the wind. I agree with earlier comments that The players coming off are better on their bad days than the players coming on.
  5. Waste of time with long balls none of the forwards can win it. Also the two centre backs had no-one holdng in front of them so kept coming out trying to win balls leaving the other one in a one on one. The good news is they must get better.
  6. I get a knot in my stomache every time the opposition gets into the final 5rd no matter what back 4 plays and the midfield are poor tackling back.
  7. I think the lack of action hasn't helped Hilssner, he looks a bit bulky.
  8. I’m not sure many L2 clubs will not be in the same position in the summer. Not too many 3 year contracts handed out, especially as most clubs will be taking a chance on players who might turn out to be ok as more experienced players are less affordable unless the owner has deep pockets. So most L2 clubs will be rebuilding. Some have good fortune and shrewd management, who would have predicted the current top 4 at the start of the season?
  9. 2nd half balls over the top that Grant can't catch !!
  10. I don’t think that’s true. The back four have a problem with those in front of them not finding passing angles so in the end they go long and it gets picked off. Harry Clarke has the same problem, hits long crossfield balls with the same results.
  11. It's pretty obvious that we can't cope with a high press. We just go long, and it becomes too easy for the defenders.
  12. Tip 6, stop saying “obviously” . If it’s obvious it’s not worth asking the question!
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