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  1. DKD has not spent the off season learning to tackle. Still thinks it's a push with the arms. Waste of space when we don't have the ball .
  2. I think Kewell must bear responsibility for this squad. His philosophy of defence doesn’t matter led to us recruiting a lot of lightweight ball players who disappear when the opposition have the ball. This was compounded with the January window signings when the team was crying out for a spine of tough physically strong players but instead we got lightweights who made such little impression that they appear to have been sent back before the season ended. If Curle stays he will want recruits in a different image.
  3. A number of players with double barrel names. We have DK-D and Garrity Heavy-Touch.
  4. Too many Latics' players can't do the basics well enough. Mansfield cruised through without having to do anything special. All their players were able to make simple passes, keep the ball and find space to play. Latics just rush everything without the technique.
  5. Clarke never a wing back in a million years. That's probably why Moyo not on - he couldn't play with Clarke behind him. Jameson just too slow in everything he does, but he has grown over the season. Midfield just non existent when they don't have the ball, and that includes the 'wingers'.
  6. He’s not the first very young and inexperienced player that supporters write off and won’t be the last. The thing is that they are in their development stage and where they are now often bears no relation to the career they will have
  7. Summed up the season, capable going forward and culpable defending. Live too far away to watch normally, so Ifollow has allowed me to watch more matches live than the last couple of decades. More frustration than elation with this squad, some of the players are poor all the time, others vary between brilliance and being more use sat in the stand. What I can say is that it feels like a get £10 worth of emotions every game. I suspect that the squad mix will be very different next season
  8. He is still a terrible footballer based on his performances over the season not a couple of passes that came off in one game.
  9. McAleny must have scored 90% of his goals after getting the ball in the left hand corner of the box and shifting it inside onto his right foot. I don't think he's had the ball in that position in the last 5 games. KC spouting coaches' technical jargon about transition and playing through the thirds whilst ignoring the things that worked ok.
  10. can DKD challenge without usingf his arms, it's every f888ing time. After a brief period of good play he's reverted to the mean ie waste of a shirt.
  11. Agree with the subs/ For me. DKD is a waste of space when the opposition is on the front foot. Can't tackle and I said before he just marks space and thinks shoving with his arms is a tackle. He should have been yanked with 20 minutes to go and big Dylan put on. He can tackle better than DKD and would have held the ball longer for the team.
  12. I swear Hilssner is getting worse every game he plays.
  13. But we don’t win 2-1. On average the defence concedes 2 a game with an experienced keeper in goal for most of the season. The last thing we need is an inexperienced keeper at this level.
  14. Can’t believe that there isn’t a keeper with previous EFL experience sitting in any one of the top 4 leagues in the country who could not be brought in before a debutant at the age of 31. It’s unforgivable.
  15. We are poor at the back and CU are a good pass and move footballing side who on this showing deserve to be where they are. Conceding 3 is to be expected but given the line up I didn't expect the 2 !!! I suspect a battering in the 2nd half
  16. Won’t be any point launching balls up to our striker. No idea what KC is thinking with this line up
  17. There is no plan A with this team. They are clueless in and out of possession
  18. Certainly true that we just let teams come on to us. Agree completely with the post that noted that McAleny and DKD, and to an extent McCalmont are simpy too lightweight when the opposition has the ball and you can't carry 3 out of 11. and Hilssner doesn't look fit
  19. DKD is only of any use when he is on the ball, so if that isn’t working then there is no point him being on the pitch. He can’t mark players, defending throw ins he stands in space and waves his arms about, he closes down space not ball carriers too far away to affect them, and when he does get close his idea of a tackle is to put his arms out and push the player. The really sad news is there is barely anyone on the bench who could do better
  20. Why have Clarke and Pidge swapped sides, both now on the wrong foot.
  21. If Kewell has any sense he'll get Taz off, push Grant back up top and get Ntambwe on who actually plays a defensive midfield role
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