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  1. Seen Wilson a few times for Mac and always played well with Smith some really good finishes in a very hit and mostly miss team. Way hes played at OAFC only says hes out of position. What a shock that is.
  2. deleted.... football is fucked if they get away with it
  3. Spot on he was making wayne anker gestures to crowd with his back to player winking then beating him both sides and nutmegs.
  4. Defo happened on corner of 18 yard box to corner flag in front of Ford stand after a run from half way. Its one of those moments like Stainrod at Blackburn, Stainrod v Sheff Wed, Whiitle at York. Shaw v Southampton.
  5. Lets have it right DMc usually gets a bargain then makes a mint. Top chairman in that respect. Our lot usually sell as cheap as chips at smell of £££ with a shite sell on clause. AL a clown but we owe DMc nothing plenty of players have bailed on agreed deals with us Eddie Howe was one that springs to mind. Others gone for a phone call to arrange a better deal. AL a fool but plenty about the club.
  6. His interaction with the paddocks was something else. Remember the Huddersfield game 6-0 well he had the full back in his pocket. Came over to wall in front of stand under clock and was asking a youngster which way he should go past him next. Did so with a grin. When you tell people he once ran with ball, sat on ball before beating a player people don't believe you. Fabulous to watch and created for others. Along with Stainrod pure entertainers.
  7. Evina, Stead and Alesandra, Duffus all manage to see Notts County and Yeovil out of Div 4 Ben Wilson, Eoin Doyle, Ladapo, Burgess, help Bradford, Plymouth and Scunny down. Palmer and Rotherham, Grounds Bolton, Adayemi Ipswich Etheridge and Cardiff, Coleman at Huddersfield, Training at OAFC not wasted.
  8. Agree a positive thing but also club needs to roll over fans like my dad who passed away late in season ie on 6th May so was too late for a mention then missed following season. He had given club thousands of £ in sign writing going back to 1950s and did jobs nobody wanted to do. Not a moan just must be more that escape because of proximity to final game or just after. Some names I know and respect on that list thoughts with all.
  9. Clarke as a true professional has kept things together in troubled waters. An outstanding committed player. Could easily have done a Craig Davies or Gerrard and wanted out after previous loan. Lang has also been a great loan player the fact hes regarded so highly says it all. Will have a great career with his attitude. If he wins its deserved. Got to be fair to the much maligned "French Lads" now settled four have contributed positively all season. Maouche has impressed me when Baxter hasnt.
  10. As I posted yesterday the only way to get rid of this chap is not to fuel his fire by supplying the cash. A non exec director does have the same legal duties, responsibilities and potential LIABILITIES as their executive counterparts. Anybody want that??
  11. AL always ends his communications with the ref to "We need your support." the only way to get him out quickly is not to fuel his need for £. That in simple terms means not going at all no matter how much you want to. DONT GO. for quickest resolution. When no showers etc Gas cut off its beyond the football. Blitz and Co will also have to grasp the money they spent is gone. Uncle Simon and gang did us no favours as a club I no longer recognise as the one I supported home and away. We got beat we got hammered we won... but always could smile now its a farce. The club don
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