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  1. Decent listen,there’s no shortage of people who care passionately about Latics,one strong group is obviously more favorable than 2-3 whom all have their strengths and weaknesses.On a personal note I think Andy does a good job with the interviews,always well researched and asks pertinent questions.
  2. I don’t have much time for either of them to be honest.I think the club needs a fresh start and be rid of the pair of them.But you can’t put the blame for where the club is entirely at the Lemsagams door,Blitz divided the club and kept its main assets of value.Why no protest or highlighting of this,no letter sent to his door?
  3. Mr Blitz has messed the current football club owner around.He’s more of a problem than anybody else.You were spot on with what you said on the pod,with respect I’d start a publicity drive to get him to answer a few questions but he’ll probably ignore a letter as well!
  4. No joy on getting Mr Blitz to front up,as he’s largely responsible for the ground being owned separately from the football club and thus the start of this sorry saga?
  5. Let’s let the manager whose won promotion from this league pick the players!
  6. Matt you’re doing a fantastic job on thé pod,putting yourself forward as a point of contact for anyone whose everyone to get involved.I’ve listened to every pod but not the current one as I’ve been away.The constant theme with the pod is the criticism of the club,which I can fully understand.Now you claim you are happy to have a balanced view,fair enough,but your most regular guests are members of PTB.Therefore your podcast wether you like it or not this becomes a voice for PTB.
  7. Manager on a 2yr deal,5 promising signings,maybe the football side of things is improving.
  8. Seem decent signings and glad Curle getting them in fairly quickly.Hopefully hes got free reign over the new recruits.
  9. My old man had this break booked 18 months ago,couldn’t do it due to Covid,he wasn’t even the trust rep when he booked it.Now hes off on his holidays at the earliest opportunity it’s a coincidence the timing of it.FFS get a grip people,he’s a volunteer,we’re generational Latics fans,I’m sure he’ll deal with it when he gets home.
  10. He’s not the chairman of the foundation but yes that’s why he’s there as part of his role within it.
  11. Know him pretty well,he’s my Dad!
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