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  1. For anyone that's interested, D5 Football interviewed Davis Keillor-Dunn
  2. Cheers for sharing this! And thanks to those that have donated! It's keeping us going. All the best, o4u junior
  3. Since when did that group have "decent" supporters in it?
  4. Get in Commiserations @Dick_Valentine Looking forward to the championship next season
  5. It depends on 1 of two things: 1) if the club buys the stand/stadium it will be open. 2) if an SLA is signed between OEC and OAFC (and other safety concerns are met) it will be open. As it stands, neither of those have been achieved (as I understand it).
  6. Portsmouth 1-1 Oxford Ronan Curtis HT 1-0 Pompey
  7. Exeter 3 - 1 Oldham HT: Exeter 1-0 Oldham Rowe 3752
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