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  1. For anyone that's interested, D5 Football interviewed Davis Keillor-Dunn
  2. Cheers for sharing this! And thanks to those that have donated! It's keeping us going. All the best, o4u junior
  3. Since when did that group have "decent" supporters in it?
  4. Get in Commiserations @Dick_Valentine Looking forward to the championship next season
  5. It depends on 1 of two things: 1) if the club buys the stand/stadium it will be open. 2) if an SLA is signed between OEC and OAFC (and other safety concerns are met) it will be open. As it stands, neither of those have been achieved (as I understand it).
  6. Portsmouth 1-1 Oxford Ronan Curtis HT 1-0 Pompey
  7. Bradford 2 - 1 Latics (HT: 2-0) Desire Segbe Azankpo Att:15,545
  8. FGR 3 - 1 Latics (HT 2-0) Vera 2,541 (706 Latics)
  9. The club has it on a lease from Brassbank. So its the club's responsibility, as I understand it
  10. I don't come on this forum too often but I just noticed on twitter this predictor league is raising money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in honour of my dad. Thanks so much to all involved in this - I've signed myself up for the first time Chris (aka o4u junior)
  11. I've written a bit on him getting the job at Swindon: https://t.co/EDzxKYveNx
  12. I was on the D3D4 podcast and gave my view on his dismissal, along with some of the other antics : https://t.co/kNqgrLw1gX?amp=1
  13. Thanks to all involved in the name change - we all think it's brilliant
  14. Hi all, These are the funeral arrangements https://davestringertravels.com/2018/07/24/the-funeral/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  15. Chatted to him about this. He made all predictions based on what is happening with the clubs in the league at the moment with the players they have at their disposal. Given that things seem a bit messy off the pitch and we still have plenty of recruiting to do (notably, we don't have an out and out striker yet), 22nd isn't a bad prediction. Especially when you look at the likes of Stockport, Tranmere, Orient, Chesterfield etc. Of recent years. I think we'll have some sort of stability off the pitch and I think we'll be fine in terms of recruitment. But on
  16. Any tribute you see fit is fine by me. I think he'd like this one, but I wouldn't want to change it and upset other fans.
  17. He joined a few years ago after we played them to comment on something and just carried on contributing over the years
  18. Once again, thank you for all the messages. They've been making us smile all day. What a guy to have influenced so many people
  19. He held out as long as he could , to look at myself and my brother. He didn't want to leave us, but he left nothing unsaid and with wonderful memories. That's all I could ask for and he gave his all to give it
  20. Thanks for the messages everyone, it means a lot Love, O4U junior
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