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  1. I'm a little surprised at you BP. You usually have some insight. This season started with no proper pre-season, and immediately went into a punishing schedule with matches mostly twice a week. Players have been added to the squad half fit, and for them there is NO pre-season. Pre-season is about getting fully fit without risk of injury. Matches certainly get you fit, but things get sore and overused and take time to recover. It will have been a nightmare to pick through the squad and select 11 people to start who are not carrying something stiff and sore or just unfit. Add to that pla
  2. Solution-- don't do any tests. "simples"
  3. The EFL does not recommend regular testing. It is an expensive business for teams who can’t pay their normal bills. Approx £100 a shot!
  4. Yes 1 point was a relief to get. We were second best to often last night. Rowe actually didn’t have a full 45 mins. He did make a difference when he came on. Bahamboula came on at half time and spent most of it walking, oh apart from one lung bursting sprint back 50m chasing someone, followed by another 10 minutes walking.
  5. I don’t disagree re the midfield, but a lot of the goals have actually been mistakes from fullbacks. Hamer has been unable to stop crosses and out of position to often for me.
  6. Kewell has a near impossible job. We know ALMO reduced his defensive options by banning him from using his most experienced CB and taking away his goalkeeping cover. Considering the number of goals we are scoring, the problem keeping us from being top 3 in the league, is the goals we have conceded. I suspect with Pidge Wheater as CB combo, Jombardi right FB, we would have conceded 3 or 4 less goals (maybe even better) and hence be sitting higher up the league because match scores have been close. Yesterday it did not help having an injured keeper being kept on after his first half
  7. You do realise “cold virus” is not prevented by your flu vaccine? Influenzas being completely different viruses. Also it would seem like your doctors do have a “structured” flu jab programme. Everyone cannot just turn up! That would be “unstructured” and unsafe. GPs are dealing with lists of flu appointments with a safe number to deal with per hour. Those lists are planned to target age groups and different risk groups. Also the type of vaccines because there are at least 3 different ones, the over 65s getting a different one to the unders. There has been a lot of planning. Vaccin
  8. Whelan was probably subbed to rest him. Garrity came off early because of the head clash. If it was a significant bump, he may not be fit Saturday.
  9. I thought Badan did well first half. He was solid in the tackle and comfortable on the ball. I'm guessing he plays Saturday as he was taken off at half time.
  10. It was Garrity who clashed heads with the Wolves player who was down for a while. Garrity was up quick but probably felt it later. 4:0 up he may as well come off.
  11. Looks like there will be no crowds at matches during October! Its hard to believe league one and two can survive.
  12. What bills is he likely to have? Loans? Well banks were instructed to give payment holidays during furlough. There was nothing to spend money on, so I’m sure he could have survived on the maximum furlough amount.
  13. Don’t forget, the “around 20k “ is for training and playing football, entertains the crowds. The pandemic lockdown put most people sitting at home doing nothing. So why would a footballer be worth more sitting on his arse at home then anyone else?
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