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  1. Are you sure? It starts prob right of centre and goes in near the top left corner. The defender is offering his back at an angle.. The keeper is wrong footed and that defender has his head in his hands. The ball moved a lot if it didn’t flick the defender. Great goal all the same.
  2. I’m fairly sure it hits the defenders back. So there was a deflection. Doesn’t make it less good tho.
  3. The government will have to be very cautious until all those in the at risk because of a medical condition get vaccinated, because when they release the brakes, almost everyone unvaccinated will probably catch it. They will have to be brave not to blink and reverse back into lockdown.
  4. It needn't be open to debate. Thats the point and why we keep talking about Wheater. Why not allow him to get fit with the senior team and allow the "Head Coach" to pick him if he looks better then what we already have. Instead because of ALMO, he is training with the youth!!!
  5. Do you really feel that any one player would take Oldham all the way from 17 to promotion? I don't think so. Its about improving the team. Simply because the owner and his brother are to proud to back down and play a player who they are already paying, we are a worse team. How much difference that would make is certainly debatable, but small differences in each match can make a big difference at the end of the season.
  6. I agree totally. Wouldn’t that be easier to achieve if he could prove he was fit by playing. After all, oldham is still paying for him, why not use him. Is it just AL’s pride getting it the way of a place in the March day squad?
  7. How can there be proof when you are speculating, however most would agree a fit Wheater even at the end of his career, would be our best defender. We have a terrible goals against for the season, but most game scores have been close enough that one goal less conceded would have given us points. I firmly believe Wheater playing since the start of the season would have given us 4 or 5 points, and possibly more. It is the owners pride which is costing us an interest in promotion this season. (There has been enough leaked for us to know HK has been banned from playing him). Now we ju
  8. Absolutely agree nzlatic. In fact they give these players reasonable contracts knowing that if things don’t work out, they will save money by bullying them into leaving. That way they don’t have to honour the contact that they signed to attract the players to Oldham.
  9. OMG. I hope you are never in charge of anything where people rely on you to pay their wages. Do you really think it’s ok if you own the company, just to bully people into leaving?
  10. I don’t know what Wheater was offered, but I did talk to Giles Coke about it so know what type of deals the club offer.
  11. So if your boss wants to pay off your contract. Normally that means pay off what you would be due to be paid over the whole course of your contract. Maybe you may agree to a small reduction to reflect that you are leaving early and can get another job. ( older players may not find another job and would want playing in full) Well at Oldham this is a little different. “You better take the pay off or else I will make you get up every morning and run on your own around a track and play with 14 and 15 year old kids for the next twelve months!
  12. Seriously!! Have you not noticed how many goals we have let in? I for one would be happy take that gamble a couple of times to see how it works out.
  13. Somehow Harrogate for most of the first half were faster to every ball. How many times did the no. 14 nick balls off defenders and midfield that he got to first when we were favourite. He picked a couple off Ntambwe and one off Pidge at least. Their team were all doing it. Lawlor was outstanding and their finishing was poor, otherwise we would have been way behind. McAleny cost us the first goal mind you, so that wasn’t the defence’s fault. he was slow to follow their No7, (Thomson was it? ). He actually realised he should follow him, closed the gap but did not get goal side, t
  14. This is the bit that up is wrong though. As Al_bro says just above, the BMJ reported the data as 52% protection after 1dose, so the improvement of the second dose is around 40% more protection. Not sure where the 4%comes from.
  15. I would be identified as an accidental bite, so as to show the extra risk of infection from an injury caused by a tooth.
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