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  1. What worries me is the point that the club needed to borrow the “strings attached” loans from the EFL, as well as AL has adopting a cut your losses approach to the season tickets ( starting early at a reduced rate). It all smacks of a grab on whatever funds he can get then put the club into receivership. It doesn’t suggest AL still wants to support the club with his own money.
  2. If KCs contract ended on Saturday night as has been reported, the club will hope he keeps working for free. Then they can sign him next month and save a few weeks wages. Simples!
  3. How was I taking shite? As for your first line, you show your self up there.
  4. I am not making the parallel you suggest, I am posting in “stick or twist” ie keep KC or not. We’re you aware of the information I have posted? For me it worries me that KC may over ride the medical teams recommendations. Over a full season that may cost us in players being unfit or unavailable.
  5. Lawlor had a freak injury, McAleney played a lot of games this season so should not be on your list. Blackwood came with a rare injury. CBJ, Jamieson Dearnley came with a history of previous susceptibility, and in a season where for the most part there were 2 competitive matches a week, the list of injuries and games over the season missed is actually short.
  6. Very strange that they trialled a large number of player this week. Very strange considering KC is not the confirmed head coach for next season. So was that at attempt to show KC that he will get to choose? If he doesn’t stay, then what was point? Mo wasn’t here so couldn’t see them. So they will have to do it all again Pre season when they have signed the new coach.
  7. You understand what sports science is L1F? Not really about scoring goals, more about getting players fit and keeping them that way. More about the best way to do things using research and statistics. I guess “everyone concedes goals” is true. Unfortunately we have been the best at it!
  8. The rumour I hear is the KC is a step back into the dark ages where football management/coaching is concerned. Most clubs have a meeting of coaches sports science and medical. The training is then planned taking into consideration individual needs. We had that with HK. Apparently CK just turned up and made it up.
  9. What decisions do “Directors” make? Everything that happens seems to be decided by ALMO or Evans. Eg the confidentiality clauses they get people to sign, are they ratified by the board?
  10. Come on Kow, you know he couldn’t do that even if he has the detail. It really is an opinion thing, which of these people is the biggest problem. Actually the fact that there are TWO intransigent and self interested individuals who both independently hold the well-being of the club in their hands, and any prospective buyer has to solve two huge problems, that is hindering our recovery from this mess.
  11. Curle staying will most likely require KC to believe ALMO when they tell him they won’t interfere. (We know the truth doesn’t mean much to them, and if they want him to stay they will promise anything) However KC picking all his own players is unlikely to happen. He can’t find 11 decent players for free, surely. We don’t think there will be a budget, and some are saying if we borrowed money from the EFL, we can’t pay anyway. Some of us suspect AL’s personal business model is to bring unknown foreign players in for nothing, give them a shop window then sell them for good
  12. Interestingly 3 of the senior members of matchday ground staff have all decided at the same time not to continue next season. So it would seem the club is still not looking after people well and are prepared to loose a huge chunk of experience. This is happening on Evan’s watch!
  13. True, I think they have been less involved, but mainly because they weren’t here. AL hasn’t been seen much this season and Mo was missing at the start and end. Actually that middle section when Mo was here, was possibly our worst points return and culminated in HKs sacking. Those of you good with stats, was there a difference when Mo was here compared to when he wasn’t here to interfere?
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