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  1. I agree, I think that is what he is doing, but clearly that strategy isn’t going well is it, and we need him on our side.
  2. Exactly right. I hope he will come on and give us his real opinion about what has been done to the club and the experienced staff. I was really only pointing out how disappointingly quiet Alan had been through all this mismanagement.
  3. Most fans think this, but Alan has been back helping around the club for several years now. I am aware he was involved in some of the attempts to pressurise Giles Coke, and he has not stood up against any of the bullying against staff. He has had no opinion, yet he must have some influence if simply because of his experience. My point is, why is he not against this regime? BO is slated by the fans for the same thing, taking freebies and supporting the regime and not influencing change. The reason we have taken against BO is the stuff he has said. The difference is Alan has been totally silent. Surely in the circumstances of the terrible decline of “his club”, he could have something to say.
  4. I find it hard to understand how @AlanHardy, who is a good guy, still associates himself with the admin of these clowns. He has been there while they have dismantled our club. If he had given them advice he would have been gone like everyone else. Clearly he has just keep to himself and towed the line. Alan should get some of the same stick thrown at BO.
  5. ALMO the CEO don’t do “paying off contracts”. They do bullying until you can’t stand it any more and leave, or settle for a lower payout.
  6. How can you judge against the benchmark unless you have a system of inspections. (We exchanged yesterday on the NHS CQC model of inspections.)
  7. It was mentioned in the podcast that Shahed had been very open to OASF finance questions. Was there any evidence that Abdallah is still putting finance into the club, or is it self sufficient at its present very low budget?
  8. Interesting how many long runs of defeats he has presided over. Sort of makes you worry that he can “loose the changing room”. Can he really manage to stop this terrible run of defeats? I guess the question is, can anybody?
  9. Is anyone else thinking that Curle has played a blinder in his contract negotiations. Obviously no one can blame him for failing at our shambles of a club, and he will obviously not last the 2 years he has negotiated. back to gardening soon with 18 months pay in his pocket!
  10. Thanks Basil. I have just had read chapter 4. It is all good stuff and dovetails with my CQC type model for the inspection part of the chapter. As you say, the ideas in chapter 4 are more complete for a revamp of the game. The CGC inspections provide an immediate rank from “excellent” through “good” and “needs improvement” to “inadequate”. It is backed up but a public report and the requirement to publish this on the website and visibly at the premises. You would be surprised how quickly the clubs would improve things if their dirty linen was exposed. It would take a short time to train the inspection teams, but the effect of their report would be immediate. Our Owner would have to stop lying. Also it provides a blue print of what is expected. We have suffered from new owners at the same time as staff new to football. They actually have no clue of what is expected!
  11. The EFL have no system to make sure their own rules are being adhered to. They really need to have a system to assess clubs. The NHS has the CQC. They have teams who used go out and assess hospitals, nursing homes and GP practices. The EFL need to adopt a similar system. A team consisting of admin, fan representative, football and medical experience, would go out to see the club and ask staff and fans their experience. Look at leadership, finances, personnel and facilities offered to fans and staff. The end result is a report with grading and special measures attached to the worst reports, including suspension.
  12. And don’t forget, any new owner would probably also want Blitz out and would help work towards that! Defo the clowns out first!
  13. No, the Doc left because he had taken 20% lower wage for the Covid year to help the club out, and he had the cheek to ask for that to be reinstated for this season. Earlier he had taken a stand against the bullying. The club clearly saw this as an excuse to get rid of him and refused to revert to the previous wage level. His option was either accept the same pay as the covid year or leave.
  14. Sorry mate, you are forgetting one thing. When our physios decide they want to be paid on time, and want a wage to reflect the position and workload, they get told by our club that they can go. They are replaced by inexperienced staff wanting to get into football and hence will to accept a much lower wage. The exact same policy was applied to our recent club Doctor of 30 years.
  15. What I would like to see is a ticket counter in a “catering van” outside Boundary Park, selling donation tickets. The boycotting home fans could quew up to give PTB “or whoever is running it” £18 instead of going in the ground. It would be such a slap in the face for AL and Mo. It is only my fantasy idea before everyone points out why it won’t work!
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