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  1. People often say they don’t agree with taking the knee because of the link with the BLM movement and it’s political roots. I think football as taken this gesture and made it their own. It has now been adopted by footballers, as their own gesture/sign of support for anti racism. it is their way of keeping this subject current. We can all now afford to forget the link to the BLM movement, because that is broken. Thats my view anyway.
  2. I would suggest anyone approaching a Club official to say anything critical or to suggest they leave, turns on their phone to record the exchange. We know the truth is not very important to the owners and senior officials, and upsetting fans is something they don’t think twice about.
  3. It is true, however I’m not sure what mcfluff is suggesting. Average life expectancy mean half of the population can expect to live more then 81 years. I hope he is not suggesting that people over 81yr don’t matter.
  4. Your last point is the most worrying. A vaccine dodging variant is unlikely to develop in countries with low levels of vaccination. If one does develop, it is most likely to develop in a country like our with large numbers of new cases and a high percentage of population vaccinated.
  5. Some good points, but it may be useful for the experts to explain the herd immunity target for the delta variant. As you say, if the vaccinated % is not high enough, it can still spread and continued to increase numbers of new cases per day. Some of the potential targets for the virus are the 10% of the fully vaccinated (ie had 2 doses) who can still catch it ( because in them the vaccine didn’t work so well). I remember an expert saying the target for the original virus was 67% of the total population ( using the effectiveness figures from the Pfizer vacc). Since then, the new variants, first “Kent” and now “delta”, have been more easily transmitted, 40%+ then another 40% + for the delta over the Kent. This would have to push the target to over 70% of the total population. At present we are only at ? about 54% vaccinated. So well short. (We have to talk about herd immunity because if we have no restrictions from 19th July, the vaccine would be the only restriction on the virus). You can add to the 54% vaccinated an unknown percent of people with natural immunity from already having had the virus. letting the virus run at the moment is a big gamble. It assumes that the numbers of people who become ill enough to be admitted to hospital and the number of those who die, will be low enough to be acceptable. I wonder what number we would all accept.
  6. There is every possibility with the people we have in charge, that they have not read all the rules. Taking the extra money despite the restrictions which would be imposed would suggest ALs pockets are empty.
  7. If you were BO and came on here with your real name, that would mean you really wanted people to know that is true. You would be happy to admit you were BO and even prove it. Otherwise you have got to be a wind up merchant. A Strange one to want that label!
  8. This was actually a planned campaign of bullying. As mentioned by others, the club have tried to make Wheater and others unhappy enough to forgo their contractual rights and leave. The motive of sending a seasoned adult professional away to train with the kids, to make him live away from his young family etc etc must have been to make him unhappy. In fact they actually inflict the injury of damage to his mental health. This club are a disgrace. Clearly AL had something to gain, but those in the admin of the club who did not refuse to action this, must carry some blame.
  9. I think that the employee had to accept being put on furlough. The employer could only offer furlough as an option. Someone who knows I’m sure will correct me if I’m wrong.
  10. Actually Dave is right. With a bigger wage comes bigger commitments. Eg bigger car payment, bigger mortgage maybe private school fees etc. The “kid or squad filler” will be furloughed on his full income if the club tops up 20%. So no liability’s. But captain is now having to find possibly thousands a month out of savings etc. Not easy
  11. I wonder how many of those on this list have been in their post longer then 4 years, or 3 years for that matter
  12. Negative as usual ! There are plenty of aspects that the MP should be interested in, mainly that this is a community club. That it may not survive because of mismanagement. No effort has been made to look after fans, the most comfortable stand not used because the absent owner has simply fallen out with the partners in the running of the stand. Hence number of fans and sponsors diminishing to the point it may not survive. MPs should be interested in helping to strengthen the voice of the fans (his/her voters) in safeguarding football clubs from hostile businessmen. lots of reasons!
  13. You work out the error range of putting in the lines on the striker and defender. Kow reported he had read that it was 6 to 9 inches. Not sure where that comes from. I’m sure he can tell us. So on that basis, if the striker line is 6 (or9) inches ahead of the defender line, he is offside. Less then that he should be considered level. That would mean the striker being given the benefit of doubt, ie the error range.
  14. Actually Pete, if the club were paying “cost price” for meals to the OEC, surely it was their own mismanagement that they were left with no profit on top of “normal match ticket price”.
  15. That hasn’t worked for previous coaches. Why will it work for KC?
  16. So it looks like that 20 years ends when the lease is due to end in 2031 (as reported by an earlier poster)
  17. So according to that OMBC gave £700,000 as part of a build cost of £5.7m. The majority being paid by SB. If that is true, surely BO is way off the mark in suggesting the club was the true owner of the North stand.
  18. Surely OMBC were aware that the land was owned by Blitz and leased to the club. That the lease was only relatively short. That the club owned no assets. Despite that, they provided only part funding of the North stand. Surely they knew there was no possibility of influencing who owned the building in the future. The document Singe presented, suggests they just wanted to make sure the stand was progressed and completed, hence OMBCs interest is completed. (Obviously ignoring that some rooms are not being used)
  19. It was interesting how strongly BO confirmed that MO interfered with player selections. We all kind of know this from players banished and the inexplicable playing of some of the worst players who were then allowed on the pitch again the next match ( usually in very strange substitutions with 10 minutes to go) Surely Mo can’t keep persuading his brother that things are getting better. Surely he cannot say to his brother, “it wasn’t my fault, it was everyone else” because he has had a huge say in everything which has gone wrong. Manager recruitment and retention, players recruitment and who to play, CEO selection, sponsors and season ticket gate. How can he possibly wriggle out of blame for the failure to progress?
  20. What worries me is the point that the club needed to borrow the “strings attached” loans from the EFL, as well as AL has adopting a cut your losses approach to the season tickets ( starting early at a reduced rate). It all smacks of a grab on whatever funds he can get then put the club into receivership. It doesn’t suggest AL still wants to support the club with his own money.
  21. If KCs contract ended on Saturday night as has been reported, the club will hope he keeps working for free. Then they can sign him next month and save a few weeks wages. Simples!
  22. How was I taking shite? As for your first line, you show your self up there.
  23. I am not making the parallel you suggest, I am posting in “stick or twist” ie keep KC or not. We’re you aware of the information I have posted? For me it worries me that KC may over ride the medical teams recommendations. Over a full season that may cost us in players being unfit or unavailable.
  24. Lawlor had a freak injury, McAleney played a lot of games this season so should not be on your list. Blackwood came with a rare injury. CBJ, Jamieson Dearnley came with a history of previous susceptibility, and in a season where for the most part there were 2 competitive matches a week, the list of injuries and games over the season missed is actually short.
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