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  1. May have been the correct decision had he not been replaced by garrity....
  2. Need some composure on the ball here, can't keep hold of it.
  3. I'll be your assistant BP, I promise I won't bring a clipboard.
  4. I try to take into account what I perceive to be the level of the players we've got. I see us as a middle of the road league 2 outfit. We've got a few players who are better than that but a lot that aren't. If you go into every match expecting to see loads of quality you're going to be disappointed a hell of a lot.
  5. It was a strange game really because 2-4 seems harsh but at the same time I don't think we deserved anything out of the game. Walker: Obviously made the mistake for their 4th. I'm willing to give him a bit of a break though because he made 1 or 2 cracking saves in the first half. He's also only just come in and so will have had limited time with this bunch of idiots. The other 3 goals I don't think he stood much chance with. Adams: Threatened all game even when on his weaker side. He's one of the few in the squad that I think could still do a job in league 1.
  6. Badan isn't a CB but I think he could be a solid LB...
  7. In defence of the formation. 2 of Cambridge's goals were mistakes and the other was a well worked counter attack. One of our relatively few strengths is that we have full backs that are strong going forward. Making the most of Adams and fage by pushing them further forwards into a wing back position makes sense.
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