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  1. We need to get KC a clipboard so BP can focus on something else.
  2. Bradford increase prices for tickets/admission on the matchday. Don't know how this affects away tickets but it might be a case of being cheaper to purchase at BP....
  3. So we can all stop arguing I'll lay down some facts. 1. No one knows if the sell on is a % of the fee or the profit or if it still exists at all. 2. Undisclosed fee's are common, they're not done to hide information from supporters. They're usually done to protect a clubs financial position. It could be our side, it could be rangers, it could be both.
  4. How do the wages stack up? I'd imagine you'd get far more at Lyon or in the US than you would in league 2.
  5. Exactly the problem. Everything has to be one or the other. Having multiple forms of attack can only be a positive imo. Maybe in the future there shouldn't be a need for both to exist but I would say right now, they're both needed...
  6. I would say that most fans should be generally supportive of both the trust and ptb even if they don't agree on how they go about their business. Ptb have to have that vocal support because atm they don't have a direct line to the club/AL. The trust already have that so they're obviously going to be less noisy if you like.
  7. Hard to tell isn't it, there's nothing to compare it to. In theory things could be worse but they could be a hell of a lot better. What power the trust (or ptb) has is debatable and so how much we can expect from them is debatable. Also I'm not saying that is exactly what the trust are doing. Just merely trying to suggest that both the trust and ptb are both trying to force the club in the right direction via different methods, which probably isn't the worst thing in the world.
  8. You deal with different people in different ways. I don't know AL or what he's like apart from stories on here. Though it does sound like he isn't a man that loves people disagreeing with him. Maybe they think it's worth not burning bridges...
  9. May have been the correct decision had he not been replaced by garrity....
  10. Need some composure on the ball here, can't keep hold of it.
  11. I'll be your assistant BP, I promise I won't bring a clipboard.
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