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  1. Can we not have everyone else's points deducted then? It isn't fair that they have a head start when our season doesn't begin until tomorrow.
  2. Take away Baxter,wabara and Derbyshire, would we still have a good enough team to avoid relegation under a different manager?
  3. If it came down to it, would you sacrifice any deal with Baxter in order to pay off PD and his staff?
  4. Rumours on twitter that the fans were calling for PD's head, any truth in this?
  5. I don't think they did anything too vigorous yesterday did they?
  6. Ok, made a mistake with Crawley, but I still don't think our lack of funds is the reason we are in the bottom three. I bet we are nowhere near the bottom in the funds league.
  7. I don't understand this " we have no funds" argument. Stevenage, tranmere, Crawley etc have the same, if not less funds than us and they aren't doing too bad.
  8. I'd go with that, we might still lose and get relegated but at least we would have plenty of laughs along the way.
  9. Worst case scenario, we get someone in who has us playing crap and gets us relegated, which is exactly the position we are in now. We have nothing to lose by getting shut of Dickov.
  10. I bet they get the day off today, after yesterdays debacle I'd have them all in for a full training session. But this won't happen because PD is too soft with them. We need a manager who won't take any crap.
  11. If it means losing one game rather than continuing with this crap until we are relegated then yes, I'd take it.
  12. If you knew PD would definitely be sacked if we lost at Hartlepool, would you want us to lose the game so it happened? It breaks my heart to say it but I would.
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