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  1. There are different views on the way forward. There is the avoid catching and passing it on at any cost approach that looks like being adopted more rigorously this week notwithstanding the deaths, deprivation and mental health issues it causes BUT there is also the time has come for us to accept that the virus isn't going to go away and we have to learn how to live with it approach. I say adopting the current approach more rigorously but my feeling is that our Government has now lost the consent of the people for this as 'the people' of Oldham have clearly demonstrated by not doin
  2. My advice is for all the young and not so old to exchange bodily fluids so they can catch Covid and build some herd immunity to give us old codgers a chance. Trying to hide again will definitely make the cure worse than the virus
  3. I wondered how Marco had paid off Blitz but he didn't and still has another £400k to find so there is hope that administration will see him gone and the club surviving. It is a fairly good bet that at least two more league 2 clubs will get into financial trouble after the doom and gloom assessment by Whitty & Valance which, would appear to pave the way for more restrictions on social mixing and movement. We could survive by being one of the last clubs standing. A winter of discontent approaches.
  4. The original "statement" has disappeared and been replaced by a much shorter version. There were signs during the interregnum that the club was moving in the right direction and then the football had to start again..............
  5. Is it possible he can’t make substitutions until he gets the nod and his phone is BT and like my market leading home hub is not working [I turned it off whilst away on holiday (remember those)].
  6. A sort of unfrench name. However something has changed at the ice station.
  7. I'm hoping they all get to play at a higher level - next year!
  8. Thanks. I have now worked out why it doesn't work for me. I moved from the North Stand during the season and the reference number next to my name is not the same as my main stand seat reference number.
  9. Well I have tried to support whatever it is that is going on at ice station zebra but I can't renew my seat as it is covered by a grey dot. It seems I can only buy a blue dot so I have emailed and guess what I'm not in favour even though I have forgone the refund because NA has not replied to ME. Why oh why if the shop is the club shop can't they become the ticket office as well. Anyone been successful and know the route to renewing?
  10. Is it not 40% capacity which is only a problem if there is a large away following. Has to be all ticket even all season ticket but lets see. Looking forward to days out again but can't see them playing before October either as otherwise have to reduce the price of season tickets for the two games (at least) we will miss.
  11. Of course you might believe I'm one of the fit and healthy young or middle aged. I'm not but my children and my children's children are. My views are based on reviewing the information I can find on coronaviruses, it is out there, and the impact lockdown has had and is having. Put simply if the children, young and middle aged had been allowed to get on with life our NHS would undoubtedly have coped (look at the numbers). Our society would not be under threat and our economy heading for a depression with millions needlessly unemployed. Open your eyes! Who do you thin
  12. We could be a feeder club for Salford!
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