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  1. I think returning Garrity would give the 'reasonable excuse' necessary to drive anywhere.


    There is a great amount of drivel talked about when you can or can't drive.  Nowhere in the official guidance on uGov does it link essential with driving.  Essential is linked with certain activities, so they count as a reasonable excuse, like shopping but nowhere does it say you have to go to the nearest shop.  Finally you are only told to stay local when driving somewhere to exercise.

  2. Kate is just making farting sounds.


    Rider in Giro has just tested positive six months after he had Covid.  That is what coronaviruses can do reinfect even after only a short period.  Vaccine next year possible?probable but it won't stop people being infected so that the virus goes underground, so to speak, and makes things more dangerous.


    The future is not so bright particularly facing a winter in the "very high".

  3. We know why the three amigos bought the club - to make money from the land but also because Blitz is football mad.

    I suspect Marco just liked the idea of owning an English football club and persuaded himself that because of his experience as an agent as well as his contacts that it wouldn't cost him an arm and a leg.  It all went wrong firstly because his choice of players has been spectacularly awful and secondly because he can't stop interfering.  Now he is in so deep and hoping that somebody with more money and less sense than him can be persuaded to buy the club.

    The three amigos got stuffed by the crash in 2008 and although he didn't need any help Marco is stuffed by the response to the coronavirus with our economy and society on the brink of ruin.

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