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  1. My interpretation of the late payment of wages and the unpaid taxes is that AL hoped to fund these from season card sales or at least in part from season card sales. The income for next year being used to fund a previous years expenditure as has been the case for some time. I can't see him getting enough money into the country, even if he has the funds, given all the money laundering regulations so the outcome next Friday will be administration unless an agreement is reached between Blitz and AL, which seems impossible given what we have heard about his having a defence to the action.
  2. As I see it Blitz can only lose what the football club owes him. Almo stand to lose millions. Doing this now gives us a reasonable chance of keeping efl status. It is not in his best interests for the club to fold - he could even take it on again short term. We need a win today!
  3. At the risk of being banned from this forum it is that time again. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/february/20022020-season-ticket-2020-21/ I did all my thinking last year and little has changed. To buy, or not to buy, that is the question. Buy!
  4. Dino has developed a style of play which invites pressure. I was told FGR forced us back but that simply isn't right we gave them space and they equalized with an uncontested shot from outside the box. Rowe is looking lethargic and I suspects wonders what he is doing here. He needs a strike partner who goes further up the field. Mouche should have replaced Missilou. Dearnley didn't want to come off. Sylla didn't seem to know what his role was. A draw, which should have been a win (Nepo fuckwit), flattered us. At the rate we are going the first team will
  5. The two year ban seems to be regarded as harsh but if the ban is upheld City will have cheated. They will have had a better squad than they otherwise would have had. It is a little bit like letting an Olympic athlete, who has been found out taking drugs, to keep their medals but to be banned from future competitions. So financial fair play is rather a toothless thing.
  6. This would be a good game to call off. The rain is persistent and the pitch will be a mess if it is played so our attractive attacking passing game will be stifled!
  7. Actually we have not seen the legal documents. It is not what was said at the time but the contracts entered into by OMBC, OAFC & Brassbank.
  8. This is one to suffer and simply enjoy the beer before and after the game. If I didn't have a season card and a bad habit I could just enjoy the beer at Mossley.
  9. I would send all the players who fold under pressure packing/garden leave. It isn't the back four. It is both goal keepers, a cardboard cut out would have done better at Exeter, and all the French speakers apart from Sylla. I would play 4 4 2 or 4 3 3 until the end of this season. I hope Blitz puts us into administration sooner rather than later as without ALMO even with the 12 points deduction this squad has a good shot at keeping us in the EFL. If ALMO are still here next season there is no future.
  10. Well I've now watched Zeus 'fumble' the ball into the goal at Crewe, rush out pointlessly, tamely knock a ball out to an approaching striker, 'fumble' another shot into the goal, pull his hand away from making a save, watched without moving as a long range 'shot' goes unopposed for a goal. Now that is six mistakes for six goals in two matches. "?"
  11. Its obvious that OMBC wanted to put the best possible gloss on the mess they made of the attempt to move to Failsworth. Paying off Brassbank could not have been spun so the back to back transaction with the football club and mealy mouthed words about the why they made the payment. ALMO like to believe what was said and are using it as a spoiler in their dispute with Blitz - it could lead to a resolution that will save some money but I don't think Blitz will bite. What it has done is to stop anything positive happening. The FLG getting the stadium. ALMO selling the football club
  12. Chatting to a Crewe supporter after the game he said that they are doing well because they keep on going right to the end wearing down the opposition. You would have thought Dino would know this. If he decided just to hold on to 1 0 why didn't he make the tactical changes needed to do so? He could have taken any one of Nepo, Mouche or Missile off as they don't have the desire to track back. You can't hold on when only eight are doing the holding. Did he not see what was going on or is he not allowed to see how poor these three are at defending?
  13. An attacking head coach would have brought Mani and McCann on with 30 minutes to go. I would have replaced Missalou and Nepo because of their jogging back into position. It seemed to me that he wasn't allowed to make the necessary changes or at least that is the most charitable view.
  14. Dereliction of duty by Dino. Crying out for substitutions and he did nothing.
  15. Before Rowe and Dearnley we didn't have anyone he could play who could hold the ball up front so putting two there, which he did flirt with at time, would have been a mistake. The spine is all important and at last we have one. Some on here seem to forget the run of results he had before the three losses and all those draws.
  16. We are getting excited, and rightly, a match thread started on a Tuesday.
  17. I didn't say he was a bag of shit. I pointed out that his failure to pass the ball when to do so would have resulted in much easier chances on goal and his loss of the ball, because he doesn't pass when he should, gave them their best chance of the game. He has lots of skill but fails to remember he is part of a team. He can be very good but the good is outweighed by the bad in what is after all a team game. Johnny Smith has been one of our best and now that Rowe is occupying the defence he not only makes his own space but also has space to run into. We look set for a good run.
  18. Mouche did what Mouche does which is to selfishly hold onto the ball when he should pass it. Rowe free in the box and Mouche blasts the ball straight at the keeper. He also, because he fails to pass when he should, gave Bradford a great chance to score which they squandered. So no he was not my MoM - Sylla was for the second game running. I suspect Mouche lacks the vision to do the right thing at the right time. He could be a much better player and at least he wasn't his usual petulant self today. Playing 4 4 2 with a spine of Zeus, Carl, Sylla & Rowe is what I think has m
  19. Tuesday was good. Today was even better. As they say 4 4 fucking 2 with striker they fear!
  20. Addendum: You do have to realise that there could be some merit to the claims being made by Marco because of the involvement of OMBC who are not the brightest or the best advised people on this planet.
  21. Administration would not allow us to pick and choose players. To get the 'golden share', needed to be able to play in the EFL, the new owner would have to pay off all 'football creditors' which includes players and other staff. Corney could have sold the club with an agreement for AL to pay him a % of any profit made on players on the books sold. That would not mean he owns any part of the player. The Sun article suggests that Blitz is getting really pissed off with Marco but we knew that from his interview. I suspect the amount owed is the rent plus the balance of t
  22. No. Administration is very risky. Certainly the administrator will attempt to find a buyer and everything could work out but we are too close to the bottom to take the risk. If we had another 10 points it could have worked. The administrator has 14 days to decide whether to terminate employee contracts. He can pick and choose but to take over the football club the new owner would have to honour all 'football creditors' to gain ownership of the 'golden share' which they must have to play in the EFL. We could end up playing Bury.
  23. The Cart did nothing for them. This is a game that looked like a certain loss but has now been elevated to a possible win. Crowd could top 5,000.
  24. Lets be fair. Dino had a team incapable of a relegation fight but now has a squad that should easily finish mid table. The relegation brothers seem to have learnt something.
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