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  1. McCann is rumoured, Main Stand, to be the only possible signing.
  2. I suppose they will tell us tomorrow if the stand remains closed. I still suspect keeping it closed will save money in the short term but they can hardly ask people to renew if the stand remains closed. We didn't moan in the main stand because Dino loves 4 4 2 and as a result the team played well. Please let Paul take the training tomorrow.
  3. When someone is such a fan of 4 4 2 there is no way he is going.
  4. It's a cinch - you just play 4 4 2 with a decent striker. The threat is always there and the team know that the ball isn't always going to come straight back. Best performance of the year because Dino picked the team that most of us would have got close to. Borthwick-Jackson started nervously but improved. Missilou, not my man of the match, got about a lot but Sylla, my man of the match, seems not only to have stopped making daft tackles but also to read the game well. A team performance with no weak links. Same again Dino.
  5. The "£5 Around The Ground!" should be renamed. Any JRS card holders who want a similar experience should sit in the MSL because you can get just as wet. I suspect the "officials working hard behind the scenes" need to employ/contract someone who can actually do something if this isn't going to become the norm.
  6. Can I remind people how uncomfortable the seats are in the MSU! However given the likely attendance on a cold wet Tuesday evening everyone could fit in either the Main Stand (Upper & Lower) or the JF. I wonder if the inspector who called to look at the Joe Royle will pop round again to look at the Main Stand on Tuesday so we can all go and sit in the JF on Satueday.
  7. I imagine the stewards will be busy ejecting those who voice their opinion. Now that the team have been told what to do, have been reminded what to do and have actually done it we might see another goal from the golden boot of the one player we have that can be called a striker. Come on Danny!
  8. The team probably got excited when Rowe scored because they then realised we can win matches. Give him the ball running towards goal and boom.
  9. Is this to shore up the defence? Is it a bad loss when you only have one shot on target?
  10. Danny has an assist but Desire missed again. Give the ball to Rowe!
  11. On the question of one up front a quick look at the Fylde teams shows then starting two or three forwards. Is Dino pissed off about Rowe?
  12. So the great white elephant isn't fit for purpose and they want us to buy shares in the bloody thing next month.
  13. No but I have seen the video of the goals he scores. He spent the last game in the area between the half way line and the edge of the box because I assume that was where with his lack of pace he felt most comfortable.. Obviously there were times when he strayed forward a little and back to defend (he didn't show much aptitude as a defender) corners and free kicks for the Dino everyone back. He had on my count two opportunities to run onto the ball and hit it otherwise it was coming to him with his back to goal or passed to him when he was closely marked - one shot missed to the l
  14. Rowe is another striker who needs a partner. His inclination in game one was to drop off in the unlikely event that somebody would pass the ball to him so he could give it the a wack - I'm not saying they won't today because Dino has had a whole week to remind them. Playing him up front on his own is a sort of oxymoron.
  15. Well reading the notification to the club it seems that everyone shares the blame so everyone needs to sort it out. The rub of course is that the football club is responsible for the whole building when there is a match.
  16. Manchester Utd loanee left back who has played six times for Tranmere so far this season received with rapture! Could have been recalled by the scum because he wasn't getting game time so he might be the first name on the team sheet. Why hasn't Smith-Brown been returned?
  17. Other thoughts are: Marco & Mo throwing yet more toys out of their pram Closing North Stand could save Marco & Mo money as there is plenty of room in the Main and RRE for the dwindling support
  18. Seems unlikely they would close the stand i.e. the bit used by supporters to watch the football 'sic' if there is something wrong with the FLG bits. No indication that the Glo Gym has been closed. FLG fan bar might still be open for forthcoming games.
  19. Dino probably has three more games. Salford must already have been discounted - more a question of how many. Mansfield is definitely another crunch game where even a draw will not be good enough. A draw against Bradford would be OK but only if we beat Mansfield. Marco & Mo like to bring in replacements once the window has closed but I suspect it will be someone from within.
  20. When Dino arrived he seemed the right person to give our squad a kick up the arse. There was a response but after the last six games that seems to have been a false dawn. My concern is that he is probably still kicking and the squad appears to have stopped responding having put in some of the worst performances this season. His post match interviews suggest he often goes to a different game than me. The shouting to players appears to be resented rather than helpful. We are going in the wrong direction. I can now see him getting us relegated.
  21. Reading the findings of the racism case, considering the lack of progress by just Hamer alone and the last six results (soon to be seven) are good enough reasons to think Dino should go. He made the right impact when he arrived but is that just because he is a bully?
  22. This is like the additional number of nurses for the NHS. Next we will be told to celebrate because Dino has agreed to stay.
  23. You people just want to put the pub trade out of business. 10 points from the next ten games would be massive and unless Rowe is given the ball to feet facing the opposition goal more than twice per game without doubt unimaginable.
  24. Not a bad performance but Rowe needs the ball to feet approaching the box and we only did that twice. Desire did running and offside as well as the foul, yellow card and poor clearance from the resulting free kick which lead to the goal. Off he went. On came Wilson who didn’t really do anything so off he went. Two more points dropped. The direction of travel is not good. In for a beating next weekend.
  25. It's kind of interesting that the striker we have been after isn't the sort of partner Wilson needs. Why did we sign Wilson? 19 games to go. If Danny can score every other one he will be top scorer. I don't think we can expect a brace every game.
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