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  1. Hard to beat!!! I must have watched a different team. So many stupid goals were given away.
  2. I’m in the Trappattoni and Hodgson camp in that our first priority is to make ourselves hard to beat. Spend any money we have on the defence. Kuqi had a cracking season until his service to the team took all the sting out of him. Whoever we have has to play up front and not all over the field. Tounkara is great entertainment so I would have him and if Kuqi will stay play them both with Smith as sub and to give them a rest. Big is beautiful.
  3. The list demonstrates that Latics are definately in the business of staying up rather than going up which will probably end in going down. The players we have are only contracted for one year. The nine offered contracts will have been offered less money so it is no wonder that they are taking their time. Supporters disposable income will contiue to shrink as the Government cuts begin to bite (you ain’t seen nothing yet) and this will force a year on year downward adjustment in players wages so no business man is going to offer contracts for more than a year. This time next year we could ha
  4. Artificial. My first game was against Ipswich on the plastic which we won 3 2. No I don't want the plastic back but the artificial pitches are so much better and I'm sure would cost less in the long run. If they also installed under soil heating no lost fixtures better cash flow and no fixture congestion. And I hate to say it, there is also the possibility of sharing a new stadium with Rochdale on a cheap field between us and them - money is just going to get tighter and tighter so I would rather have that than Division 1 North with part time players.
  5. "LATICS RELEASE NINE PLAYERS Posted on: Mon 07 May 2012 They are Ryan Brooke, Djeny Bembo-Leta, Matt Carr, Keanu Marsh-Brown, Phil McGrath, Josh Parker, Reuben Reid, Paul Black and Zander Diamond Dickov has told a further nine out-of-contract players he would like them to stay, though no new deals have been made. They are likely to be done later this week. The players Dickov wants to keep are Kieran Lee, Robbie Simpson, Bradley Diallo, Yousseff M'Changama, James Wesolowski, Dean Bouzanis, Kirk Millar, Filipe Morais and Chris Taylor. He says they will be given between 10/14 days to deci
  6. Did we really play 4 4 2 all season or didn't we often just play "up and at 'em"? I would love to see us play two banks of four with a view to keeping a clean sheet!
  7. I love the optimism! M'voto, Clarke, Brown and Tarky (with Cisak) would be great but Simpson is a problem because he will get injured and we can't afford to pay anyone for half a season. Unless everyone knows something I don't I can't see Utd letting us have Reece Brown for a season long loan and unless they do we need to look elsewhere. I'm not saying we shouldn't have loan players but we would need them for the season, and only in real emergencies, so that we can build a team. Clarke will have gone before we get our wallet out!
  8. There are those we don't want, those we have made offers to (but still no news), some we have our eye on but will be cheaper if we wait, and those on our books who are available to anyone else who has two pennies to rub together. Who I wonder will be playing when I go to Mossley on the 11th July! Who is going to buy a season ticket tomorrow when there is no news on transfers - well not no news just details of those who are leaving or wanted by others. Could it just be that SC is trying to save a few weeks wages?
  9. You can't build a team unless you first have a manager that you are going to stick with. There have been some strange selections, loan players, tactics and substitutions this year but so long as Dickov is learning from his 'mistakes' we need to keep him. Norwich and Swansea have demonstrated that it is a team game and the long term aim should be to build a team. There was the beginnings of a team until Liverpool, when a very good season went sour. Slotting loan players into the side just because they come from a Championship or Premier League club makes it less likely that a team will deve
  10. Fila seem to have a warehouse full of not oafc 'royal blue' but this 'French blue' which has been accepted by Rochdale and Carlisle as well as Oldham. Walk into any pub with the new kit and they won't have a clue who you support. I can always use the offer to go to Bury who have the right colour in their kit. The top would be nice if it didn't have the fila epaulets but it is the wrong colour. As a home kit I hate it.
  11. I'm confused. Why do we have to share 'French Blue' with Carlisle and Rochdale? Could be every other club but have only looked at these two. Are all home kits going to contain this drab colour? We aren't the boys in blue!
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