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  1. We’ve been ‘back firing on all cylinders’ for several years now (from Facebook)
  2. I sadly don’t think it’s any longer a case of the quality of individual signings or choice of manager. If you were to put our regime in charge of any football club I truly believe that in 5 years time you would have a struggling totally demoralised club with their fans feeling pretty much like we do now.
  3. Our playing style is shit and we excel at it
  4. Thanks for the email reminding me of this I meant to order one when I first read this post ....... done now, keep up the good work guys
  5. I’ve decided to watch the paint dry in my lounge then just before full time poke myself in the eye, which is exactly the same as the usual pain of watching ALMO’s Latics
  6. That was just some guy with a moustache whizzing along on a Tesco trolly full of Winalot
  7. The ship is the Argo some geezer called Jason was enquiring about the fabled powers of the legendary Red Fleece but was thwarted by a locked fire door apparently
  8. Yes, not making debate on here personal is definitely good.
  9. I think it’s gone beyond who’s to blame, it just needs the people involved to act professionally and sit down together and sort it out
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