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  1. You can arrange shit into any shape or formation you want but it will still be shit.
  2. The amount of shit played on the pitch must surely have made the land under it so contaminated that it’s virtually worthless for building on
  3. I’m all for organised demonstrations etc. Old man spoiler alert …….. Pitch invasions; You young lads please be careful and try not to get yourself a criminal record those things leave an indelible mark for a very long time …….jobs travelling abroad etc.
  4. @Barryowen You do appear to have gone from years of ‘Shock and Awe’ to now trying to ‘Win hearts and minds’ I think you could try till you were red in the fleece but for most on this forum you are fighting a losing battle. If you truly are looking just to help to get our club into capable hands with your inside knowledge I’m sure those such as PTB and BPAS would welcome any ammunition that you can supply. I don’t know how old you are now Barry but if you were a member of my family I would be urging you to slow down and please try to look after your health, try to let go of some of the obvious stress that comes across in your communications.
  5. The thousands of missing fans to watch them
  6. I’m only guessing like anyone else of course …………My take on it after reading the twtd reports…. Rangers: "You can have him for what we paid for him, £650,000 original fee plus the £100,000 we payed for the 20% sell on clause and of course we get a 20% sell on clause added too"
  7. Think you missed the smiley wink at the bottom?
  8. Well it definitely wasn’t for the lack of a brass neck, the guy is unembarrassable.
  9. I did get my acronyms mixed up though, l meant the PTB fans petition not BPAS. Need to be a rapper to keep up with all the acronyms atm
  10. Just a thought, is it possible you could speak to Joe Royle and show him the PTB fans petition. Then see if he’s willing to back the fans maybe even signing the petition himself and objecting to his name being used on a stand that is at the centre of a lot of the grief. Maybe this is something that could possibly attract a wider press interest in the petition etc. Great work guys btw BPAS and PTB
  11. *You’re everywhere and nowhere baby
  12. We’ve been ‘back firing on all cylinders’ for several years now (from Facebook)
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