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  1. Suggest you check that account before deciding its really him, especially the bio and previous tweets
  2. One of the questions did ask what would you like in return for your contribution although i think the interest payment would be considered a last resort by the club on this sort of thing What kind of rewards do you think would be most interesting in return for a contribution? * - Discounts for tickets, memberships, season tickets - Merchandise signed by current or ex-players - Exclusive access to training, a VIP match day, or to meet players - An interest payment on your contribution
  3. Him having a baby could be more reason for him to leave. If they offer him a longer contract than he is currently on and maybe more money then more security for him.
  4. I agree with that the ref was :censored:e, but i dont think he had a choice with Burn. For the 10 minutes before the red card he was fouling people all over the pitch. Needed to be quicker in subbing him off.
  5. @OfficialOAFC: #OAFC TEAM NEWS: Cornell, Dummigan, Burn, Wilson, Lafferty, Kelly, Winchester, Jones, Fulton, Philliskirk, Poleon. @OfficialOAFC: #OAFC SUBS: Coleman, Dieng, Croft, B.Wilson, Yeates, Eckersley, Fuller.
  6. How about something like this? https://twitter.com/bbcsport/status/491999654926893056
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