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  1. He has a history these message boards, seem to remember him threatening to sue the mods because they banned him
  2. I think we should be grateful that Abdallah, Mo and Barry have the safety of true Oldham fans as their top priority. Doesn't bare thinking about that all those past seasons when the OEC was open these problems were causing such risk to lives. As the rest of the ground shows, safety is their number one priority.
  3. Stephen Robinson Favorite for the Bournemouth job.
  4. What happened to the keeper we sold to Everton?
  5. https://twitter.com/kenlawrence__/status/1235920878111776769?s=20
  6. Yep, famous for it when it came to Bolton, claimed he was actually running the club at one point
  7. He's been bob on about everything he's tweeted recently, all most as good as Sinnott
  8. Directors also have to pass the fit and proper test as well right? Could see him and the Lemmies becoming partners
  9. https://talksport.com/football/571928/laurence-bassini-west-ham-david-sullivan-bolton-wanderers-takeover/ It's a no for me.
  10. When he was after Bolton, he claimed he had prove of funds from the West Ham owners
  11. He owns Brassbank who own the Stand which Oldham Athletic cant/refuse to pay rent to.
  12. Difference between us and Coventry is that we have a long term lease in place
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