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  1. Luckily we have three players who can score. Shame everyone else is shite.
  2. Who the fuck is going to score a goal apart from McAleny ? Genuinely about 6 national league level players in that side. I bet the players are as surprised as us.
  3. Well I presume the oppositions centre backs arnt darting forward into the box. If the opposition didn’t have players behind the ball also then that would be a weird game. Maybe we are getting lost in what we consider defending.
  4. Couldn’t get a more qualified CB if we tried honestly.
  5. We have Wheater, he’s played in the premier league. Played hundreds of games in the EFL we just chose to be a dick to him
  6. He just had a rest for about 3 months ? Shall we give him a year off the poor kid, he must be shattered. Wish I could have a week off because I did my job 100 times.
  7. Dino and HK are not really going to help him develop. Maybe he’s lost his way when he didn’t get the move he wanted ? Maybe he’s happy being a below average league 2 full back ? I never thought he was particularly good, technically pretty poor, never been able to defend and certainly offers nothing going forward. Can’t pass, and an over rated long throw. Nice to see the academy players come through and play for us, but he’s just not good enough. The fact we have to highlight he gets beat every game, and opposition managers highlighting him as weak says it all. But he coul
  8. Hamer is so bad it’s laughable. Get CBJ in at rb or play 5 at the back.
  9. Stick everyone behind the ball and pray that Dearnley, Rowe and McAleny can bag us a goal. All we have available to us, our defence and midfield is that bad.
  10. Fingers crossed for Grant or Keillor Dunn in the best way possible. Wish them good health but they are shite.
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