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  1. Surely we need a few more in before the first game ? We seem very light
  2. Pay the money, watch your daughter, boycott after.
  3. Great stuff. Don’t let him waffle on and serve up what we want to hear. Press him on why he seems to have done nothing since joining, and why the north stand is still shut. Also point out, somehow, we have gone backwards since he has joined.
  4. Great pod as per usual. Can we get Karl on to ask him why he thinks it’s okay that with 2 weeks before the season starts people don’t have a clue about season tickets ?
  5. Hahahahaha not a chance he’s actually said that ? This mans leading our club. Karl the new Barry?
  6. Diarra won’t ever come good. Badan has potential, Diarra is stealing a living. Spends half his time making weird Instagram videos
  7. Who has been playing left wing back if Hart has been in the middle ?
  8. 150k ? Having a laugh. Why do we get pennies when Rochdale can get a million plus.
  9. Sorry to hear you arnt well mate. As you say, still need to open up and deal with what comes our way at this point.
  10. Karl is sorting the north stand out isn’t he ? He’s also corresponding with fans isn’t he ?
  11. If we can keep Dearnely fit (which I doubt) I think we already have a player to replace him.
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