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  1. Bad news. Looks like Jameson is close to coming back from injury. Not fit to play for the under 12s that lad.
  2. Couto and hart on the left, Baha and Dearnely up top for me.
  3. This guy does not suit a 5 at the back system. Playing on the right hand side of the 3 he gets pulled out wide and torn to shreds, can’t recover because he’s slow. Him and Carl in a 4 at the back as a middle two could work.
  4. Was in spire hospital in Manchester with him week before last. Looked done in.
  5. Cheers for the episode. Found it very interesting and can see some clear parallels with Swindon. What’s our strategy for expanding the skill set within the trust ?
  6. Not sure what the crack is because not been going this year. But went to the first home game, and we just printed them at home and one of my mates was able to get his ticket on his phone. We not able to do that anymore ? Or is it an away issue?
  7. AL wants the club to be self sustainable according to some doesn’t he? Took out the loan so he didn’t have to put anything in I’m sure.
  8. He gets criticism because he’s not particularly good.
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