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  1. How did we setup tonight ? Still feel our midfield is too weak to push on.
  2. It’s shouldn’t even be a debate. Rowe leads the line every game
  3. Unless by nearly there he means national league ? Then yeah he’s right. Any mentions of Barry and him fucking off yet ? Are we nearly there with that ?
  4. Nearly there, we can’t even pick a fucking correct team.
  5. Because they launch it to him all game. Which instantly creates a 50/50.
  6. I agree on Bunn being treated badly, but I don’t know what it was, it just all seemed a bit boring with him around ?
  7. In all honesty I have no issue with your opinion of Rowe. It’s more the persistent posts of you trying to prove a point and waiting for him to not score / have a poor game. It genuinely comes across as you are eager for him to be shit. Which in itself is immature, which is pretty ironic based on the above comment.
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