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  1. Taz ranks with Super Jonny Sefil for me really does. I’ve never seen a footballer offer so little on a football pitch. Least Sefil was tall and would shout at everyone around him for no reason.
  2. This. He’s toxic to say the least. He’s gone (finally), let’s not even give him the time of day to win people over with his lies. It’s clear he’s not a fan of OAFC.
  3. How was he elected ? Surely us fans should vote on who gets to be our representative?
  4. Has he actually ever tried to communicate with fans in any capacity ?
  5. He’s a fan representative that represents not a single fan but himself.
  6. Whatever Barry says I won’t ever believe him. He’s come out now when it’s easy for him and he can say what he likes, without the threat of the owners. He’s sat on multiple boards and it’s been a mess each time. There was outcry for him to resign, on multiple occasions, and he didn’t, presumably for his own fulfilment. The stand is shut. Chef Evans gate. Fans forum gate. The list is endless...
  7. We always say this. KC will be gone soon, our club is pointless.
  8. Agreed, Karl’s a waste of time. Said himself he’s only here for the stand, 7 months on it’s still shut with no progress being made.
  9. I think you’ll find I said you can’t force someone to provide an answer. But I trust PTB to PUSH for an answer. Not find an answer. If the man doesn’t want to respond for whatever reason, what can you do.
  10. Can’t force someone to provide an answer. I trust PTB to push for the answer. If Karl wants to sit in the arse of the owners, nothing you can do about it.
  11. Wait, so Karl has been to busy to come up with a strategy / vision for the club? Why? What has he been sidetracked with ? Based from that interview alone sounds like he’s being doing fuck all recently ? Has any progress been made since the last interview ? Get off Twitter and do your job.
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