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  1. He is that stupid he thought he was buying the ground, that’s well documented. He spent millions and had no idea what he was buying, and continues to plug the gap. He’s not going anywhere, and if he does, he’s probably taking us down with him. Step up the red button trust.
  2. No idea what anyone sees in Jameson or Badan. Badan is so slow on the ball, not running with it but to make a decision to pass the thing. Thought Diarra looks better than Jameson which says a lot.
  3. Roy keeps saying how we need to go longer. Baffling his views on the game sometimes.
  4. I understand what you are saying but I’m not celebrating the fact we stayed in the EFL.
  5. Well not seen the abuse on other platforms but if it’s personally it should not be allowed, and do not agree with that.
  6. Jombati is what a 30+ year old man whose been in the game a long time and one of our most experienced players. I’ve not seen the abuse on other social media platforms and I don’t agree with any personal abuse. But what he did yesterday was an absolute joke. Let’s forget about the shambles of a performance he put in for 45 minutes before the most predictable outcome occurred. The ball was played onto him about 2 times before the event, they knew he was a walking red card, we all knew it. All he had to do was stay calm and just play the game. Instead he took it upon himself to literall
  7. The main positive from that is Jombati cannot play on Tuesday. He is brainless. No wonder Dino left because we were singing that clown. Cheers Baha!
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