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  1. Are we allowed to protest if we are boycotting, just asking.
  2. The Stocksbridge fiasco was legendary, takes a certain type be that bad.
  3. He is sure to give Walsall a lift if he plays tonight.
  4. Was that the incompetent oaf who reffed us at Bradford a few years ago.
  5. Yet the trip to Ipswich feels longer, I'm sure it used to stop at every station when I went from Liverpool St to Norwich.
  6. Never going to happen, you have seen the pictures of protesters being accosted by "security". If the place was crammed it would get ugly, not the sort of publicity required. Also there are too many who refuse to give money to the club in its current guise, I know plenty who fall into this category, myself included.
  7. Exactly, you wouldn't need to blow it all, a well run club at this level would bring in money which would then need investment from the owner. You could set aside 1 million a year to fund the club at a minimum you could sustain 100 years and still live a fantastic lyfestyle. I just need to buy the ticket now.
  8. It's enough to give you a sheer heart attack, I'd rather spend a day at the races,or a night at the opera. Enough of these Innuendos.
  9. This has most probably been mentioned before, but are all away games ticket only? I plan to have a day on the lash in Carlisle in a few weeks and was hoping it was pay on the day.
  10. I would be surprised if he made that sort of money as an agent, all his players were in the most part, shite.
  11. Feels like a bit of normality has returned to Saturdays.
  12. Old fashioned rubbish, give me playing out from the back and then panicking.
  13. Looks like last week's result was a bit of a anomaly, in the last 3 seasons we really haven't won many home games, I'm sure someone will know.
  14. Sorry metty, it was tongue in cheek, granted I haven't been to a home game for 3 seasons, but going off reports I have read there may be artistic licence being used for the attendances. Likewise at Rochdale when I finally got in the ground at 10 past 3,for a stand that holds 3k I struggled to find a seat (albeit we were looking for 3 together). Can I also say the seats we found were ideal as I managed to sit next to Mr and Mrs Diego Sideburns, who are engaging company.
  15. The noise levels should surely be better at home with 3,000 tics in there, after all we only had 1500 at Dale.
  16. The turnover of staff wouldn't be out of place in the gig marketplace. Seems like they may be using sub contractors.
  17. Remember it well, at 1-0 down there was a couple of lads going round the stand asking if we would go on the pitch to get the game abandoned, I told him we wouldn't fill the penalty area. Was a bit tasty coming down the steps at the end of the game with the Brighton fans trying to get in amongst us.
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