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  1. Isn't the foreign coach here, was brought in early in the season. I would have given Kewell a bit more time, we are back to square 1 again, Owen, Mo just fuck off you are fucking jokes.
  2. You would like to think that your Director of football knows a thing or two about it.
  3. Looks like another late winner for Noblot, they are going to get automatic promotion.
  4. We need 3 more wins from somewhere, doesn't look like they will be gained at fortress BP.
  5. Seems like my decision to give the last few games a miss has been vindicated.
  6. I agree that Clarke has been poor, possibly since early January, but I think if we had used him a little more sparingly we would have seen a different player, he is a young lad who might just have played too many games.
  7. Was it ever a plan, or just a rough sketch on the back of a fag packet.
  8. You have a far better memory recall than me Phil. Hopefully we can get some away days in next season.
  9. Exactly, watching Marvellous made me look at him in a different light and then his work with the homeless, he has my utmost admiration.
  10. I remember Alan Young scored for us in the away fixture, if memory serves I'm sure Stretford fc only lost twice in the season.
  11. Our home form against the teams at the bottom is starting to suggest that Kewell isn't up to the task. Getting turned over by some of these shite teams isn't acceptable.
  12. Lose this and I might change my mind about managerial stability.
  13. It's almost as if those in charge don't want us to get promoted, surely this won't be the case.
  14. Johnny Smith scores for Burton tonight as they move out of the relegation zone, Hamer plays the full game.
  15. Wayne Ankers used to be a reporter on the Rochdale Observer.
  16. TBF he has a point, we are so weak in midfield and the deficiencies he points out are pretty valid.
  17. That's why the game has gone. So much satisfaction in a crunching tackle.
  18. I don't like changing my prediction but I may have to and not just because Connor Mc ain't playing.
  19. If that's the case I'm flabbergasted, social media really is a case of plummeting the depths. Having said that if they needed some people to undermine a player, they could have borrowed a few off here.
  20. I'm sure the teams that we do well against say this about us too. I don't think that it would be a understatement to say that we are shite.
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