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  1. Apparently it’s the owners company that’s fucked but the club is interlinked to his businesses. But all guess work at this stage. Not nice to see any club go to the wall.
  2. Feckin pathetic from start to finish, some of those boys are stealing a living as a pro footballer.
  3. Should have been booted out years ago, good riddance. Now just need the two brothers of doom to fuck off.
  4. Their not that feckin stupid are they lol
  5. If we didn’t want him to get a new deal the clowns would have done a Mills and told the manager not to pick him and avoid triggering the actual clause.
  6. Well deserved, as the lad has come on leaps and bounds over the last few months.
  7. Colchester and Grimsby left at home to play, should be save but who knows.
  8. Top performance from the lad tonight
  9. Quite enjoyed that game despite Exeter having most of the game.
  10. Ffs we ducked them 3 games earlier this year and should have won today
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