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  1. It’s clear to see KC and co want to start a bidding war for big Bam. His trial has been plastered all over the place.
  2. Your very polite as he should have been told to fuck off.
  3. Plenty of decent freebies still out there which would defo improve us
  4. Happy with this as he can get the dead wood out to fuck.
  5. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/sport/19327799.oldham-athletic-set-confirm-keith-curle-staying-manager/
  6. Rowe is done, spoke to a Chesterfield pal recently and said he hasn’t been impressed with him so far.
  7. Don’t shoot the messenger
  8. Apparently being announced tomorrow or Tues, signed up on 18 month deal.
  9. Just seen the third goal was that Sutton attempting to run back. Bloody hell its like watching Grant run, an absolute shit show from top to bottom.
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