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  1. I always thought Leagues 1 and 2 were of a pretty similar standard. Until we ended up in League 2, which has convinced me otherwise. Most teams in this league really aren't very good at all (and I include ourselves in that).
  2. Grant has to play, surely... Who else plays up top? Wouldn't surprise me to see both Garrity and McCalmont miss out.
  3. Very true, and definitely played a part. Their centre-halves coped in the second-half without giving it away in dangerous positions every eight seconds though.
  4. That first-half performance was up there with the worst I've ever seen from a Latics team. Amazing that Salford were only 1-0 up. Second-half was better, thankfully. Did we deserve to win? No. But we did. Hooray!
  5. Think it's quite difficult to justify "no end product" for a winger when he's got the second most assists in the league...
  6. Would love to know how you've reached the conclusion that Badan is better than McAleny...
  7. An end product 50% of the time is a huge improvement on anyone we've had for years...
  8. Not true. He wasn't playing when we lost 2-0 at home to Scunthorpe.
  9. On reflection, my money's on 3-4-3 with Hilsner and Adams wide midfield. Bahamboula, Grant, McAleny up top.
  10. Adams at full-back? 3-5-2 with Garrity or Keillor-Dunn at wing-back? Harry loves keeping the opposition guessing.
  11. Anyway, I'm bored of this argument. Enjoy your evening!
  12. No, which is why when you asked for figures in the league I gave them as 7 in 19. Do keep up...
  13. Okay, so 7 in 19 in the league if that's all you want to consider. Still not too shabby. ...and still doesn't make your maths any less ridiculous.
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