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  1. Weird that playing four at the back and two up front didn't magically transform us into a winning side
  2. Wasn't exactly going swimmingly before then either though, to be fair...
  3. Seen some off-putting job adverts in my time, but that's right up there...
  4. Piergianni MotM (again), I reckon. Midfield looked tidy. Jameson played well, and Couto looks promising. Forwards wouldn't have come close to scoring if we'd carried on playing all night, though...
  5. If we want to stay up, I suspect we might have to finish above this lot...
  6. Sutton has also played a couple of first-team games as an 18 year old, including in the league against Forest Green. He's now going out on loan to Witton as an 18 year old, as Edmundson did with Ramsbottom. Feels like a very sensible comparison to me... Must try harder.
  7. That's about what we were averaging pre-lockdown isn't it? Seem to remember several sub-3K total attendances...
  8. Reckon the Dog and Duck would stand a chance of finishing above the bottom five in this league...
  9. We have one recognised central midfielder, so if this is Furman, we're in bigger trouble than I thought...
  10. ...what's Cristian Colusso up to these days?
  11. If Blackpool had the option, he wouldn't have had much choice.
  12. Played 46 games for Vale last season...
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