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  1. Doesn't seem much point playing anyone who won't be here next season in this. So will be interesting if the likes of Walker, Garrity, McAleny start... Opportunity to give a couple of the youth lads a go, I think.
  2. Think the question here is whether we trust the board to bring in someone better. ...I don't.
  3. I think three at the back makes sense with the personnel KC has available to him. None of Fage, Adams, CBJ or Badan are good enough defensively to play full-back in a flat back four, I don't think. And two centre-halves leaves us exposed too, because most of ours are rubbish. The problem is that KC seems to be playing then all out of position... Surely Adams on the right, CBJ left and Clarke, Piergianni and Jameson in the middle makes more sense?
  4. Good job we're not a side with top 7 aspirations, in that case...! For what it's worth, I think he'd be good enough with someone vaguely competent (and pacey) alongside him. Unfortunately he's not had that this season...
  5. Don't disagree with that - we're still not very good and our league position reflects that. But I've enjoyed the football more this season than last. I'd enjoy it even more if we weren't 18th, though. Also concur that I've seen nothing to suggest next season will be any different. Still think we're more likely to go down than up.
  6. I'd say it's been better than last season. We've scored the most goals in the division and at times been quite entertaining. At other times we've been woeful, and it's never a good season when you're 18th in League Two. But it's been better than I feared it might be...
  7. These days even on Football Manager you can win without playing 4-4-2. Game's gone.
  8. Equally poor performances from both sides, I thought. Could easily have swung the other way on another day. Too many below-par performances and some pretty baffling substitutions cost us in the end. The ease with which their players strolled into goalscoring positions unchallenged for both goals is alarming - might as well have rolled out the red carpet.
  9. Stick, 100%. Can't honestly see us getting anyone better.
  10. Guessing our invite got lost in the post...
  11. They might not be footballing giants, but they are 1st and 4th in the league...
  12. So we're in such a state that nobody would be interested in buying us, but the wider football world would be "laughing" at us if we protested, because we've got nothing to complain about... Interesting logic.
  13. Whelan was poor yesterday, but he showed enough in the couple of games before then to make me think he might come good. I'd basically written him off before Curle joined.
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