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  1. Quietly confident with my league position of 20th... The rest, less so.
  2. Think that's probably a fair assessment... He's not good enough to start for an ambitious, promotion-chasing and financially-backed club like Salford. He is good enough to start for a bottom-half L2 team like us.
  3. Don't think strength had anything to do with it - they're just better at football than us...
  4. The alternative argument is that assuming we have a right to beat anyone leads to complaceny. Harrogate showed today that at the moment they're a decent League Two team, despite their less illustrious past. Also, they beat Exeter away last week...
  5. I think it's optimistic to think we'll be able to go 5-10 years before needing a booster...
  6. Would be amazed (but delighted) if we signed Irvine... Can't see it, though.
  7. Lots of great performances. McAleny, Rowe, McCalmont, Clarke, Piergianni...
  8. First ten minutes aside, that's the best we've played all season...
  9. Piergianni and Lawlor excellent today. Blackwood did well too.
  10. He was really good the previous game, against Cheltenham.
  11. Not suggesting the article doesn't exist. Just find it hard to believe that Bristol City and Birmingham were "battling" for his signature if he's ended up here three months later...
  12. New strain isn't thought to be sufficiently different to reduce the effectiveness of a vaccine.
  13. Two desperately poor sides in a desperately poor game. Thankfully our desperately poor side does at least have a few goals in it...
  14. Where does anyone say it would be a silver bullet?
  15. Piergianni's the least of our worries...
  16. Hamer's played well in the last couple of games, particularly at wing-back against Bolton. Think dropping him now would send out a strange message.
  17. Reckon Garrity'll get you 8-10 goals a season if you play to his strengths. He made two or three great late runs into the box against Bolton but no-one found him. Bahamboula's more of an impact player, I think.
  18. Lawlor Hamer Clarke Piergianni Barnett Whelan McCalmont Dearnley Garrity McEleny Rowe
  19. Hamer's had a lot of stick recently, but he played well today.
  20. See also: https://www.juniorpremierleague.com/match-reports/153864/?fixtureId=5383199
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