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  1. Found this yesterday, bit technical but an indication of the difficulties. From last pre-season, would be interesting to get an update on how they're dealing with the pitch at the minute! https://www.pitchcare.com/news-media/balancing-oldham-s-needs-with-finance.html
  2. Mother bumped into Millwall team at village hotel in Ashton. Obviously expecting it to be on
  3. Gareth, I'm in Bournemouth. At least for the time being. Send us a PM - hoping to get to Swindon if you fancy joining on the train? Cheers.
  4. This is how it feels when the boys in blue have the ball?
  5. I remember him and his mum from primary school, I was a few years ahead of him but she was a teaching assistant at the time. Used to see him at most away games too, very sad and I hope all goes well on the 31st. Would be there if I could make it.
  6. I reckon they should interview Connor brown every week
  7. Could be a case of media hysteria but worth consideration? http://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/how-safe-artificial-turf-your-child-plays-n220166
  8. Martin keown just walked past the train I'm on at oxford station
  9. Pretty much agree with this. They proposed a move, clearly realised that many were against it and rather than risk upsetting said supporters made it voluntary but asked nicely. I don't really see the big deal in obliging them one game especially as they are making an effort with serving beer. Can't win really can they? Wonder how many will actually move on Saturday.
  10. Heard it on the train as well as twitter. Four times by a Liverpool fan apparently, anything official?
  11. Thanks but got in touch and he is sorted so looking for someone else ticketless! Cheers though
  12. Spare ticket for block 127 row 16 is available if anyone needs one. Can meet at lime street at 1pm tomorrow for collection. Any takers?
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