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  1. I switch on iPlayer on game day and I just know the personnel and formation will be very different every single week. I think it's Lawlor with Clarke and Piergianni centre halves but the rest I have no idea who its going to be, let alone the formation. Mid game it changes constantly. The more successful Latics sides you could guess at least 9 correct on the day and formation.
  2. Just seen that a Latics ex loan keeper Daniel Iversen has gone on loan to Preston. Another of our ex keepers still there, Connor Ripley. Both good keepers I thought.
  3. Does the result stand or does the game have to be replayed?
  4. Got its advantages this. Pies are better (Hollands) and I can have a beer watching game.
  5. Mr techophobe here. I've followed instructions and all I get is "You already have access to this match." So I was expecting some sort of video stream from BP??? Ignore...I'm a plonker. Sorted.
  6. Non League now going. Just suspended Northern Premier League
  7. Living in Ramsbottom I'm now a glory hunter and watching them (they're 2nd currently). Home v Kendal on Tuesday and home v Colne on Saturday. It's not a problem keeping a social distance from other fans.
  8. Isn't there a phrase along the lines of 'out of frying pan into fire'. Well we've done frying pan and done fire so what is this now. Un bloody believable
  9. OMG NO!!!!!! I'm going to self isolate for at least two seasons.
  10. Just logged on to find all this, what the ef is going on at our club? Just when you think it cant get any worse it does...massively. Who in their right mind will buy a season ticket now? Oh please show yourself our saviour...if there is one. I've been doing Euro lottery to try and get the required funds together...no luck...yet.
  11. Just read this through this thread. Wow, if the reaction, understandable, is anything to go by season tickets sales will be massively affected. To be honest, after being a season ticket holder for 30+ years this may be my last as well.
  12. 125 supporters who have renewed or bought will be picked at random to be given a complimentary season ticket for the following season I'm trying to do the odds on this one. How many do you think will renew in that 5 weeks? 1000 giving one in eight?
  13. Do we need that being 15 points ahead? Unless we bring administration, and a points deduction, into it.
  14. This stinks of desperation by Latics. Why?
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