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  1. Should that provide comfort to supporters? It is a constant failure from the club yet people are still making excuses.
  2. Have you checked the clubs accounts recently? Last time I checked it was a hefty 7 figure debt Pete. That isn’t a regular income, you couldn’t get a loan off the bank on the back of it, but a one off so yes still insolvent.
  3. Football year Pete. Business interruption would cover it and a number of clubs have utilised this. Fans not being in the ground, money from match day hospitality, food drink etc would all be covered. Covid regulations were still in place for the friendlies this season so could have been claimed again. The point about furlough was that the club didn’t have to find the wages and still received money via season ticket sales/ sponsorships etc so haven’t lost out. EFL grant was above into 6 figures (just under £250k), the loan was mid 6 figures and still income which can be used, whether it’s paid back now or later. Add to that the George Edmundson money the club claim we received a five figure sum for this. I would suggest the club has done a lot better than you make out Pete.
  4. Bills weren’t being paid before protests Rob but don’t let that get in the way of a good post
  5. Abdallah will have received more money over the last year from Business Interuption insurance, EFL loan, EFL grant, EFL regular payments, Furlough payments and season ticket sales than he probably ever has whilst owner.
  6. Unless authorised by the EFL on a player by player basis. Also this could be from before the original charge.
  7. Sorry for the delay in the reply! Yes it was on at 12:40 I will try and get a copy from the BBC to show supporters who couldn’t see it. It was a brilliant piece. I just hope the country saw what passion there is within the fan base for some stability.
  8. Constructive criticism also comes with suggestions/ ideas of what to do instead, all I was asking for is what you would suggest?
  9. Each to their own I suppose but I agree Dave I was slightly surprised by that from Rob.
  10. What would your ideas of where to go next Rob? Genuinely interested to hear what you think should be happening.
  11. We (PTB) have already released info @Ritchie Rich, leytons head of safety has already been in touch we are confident a solution can be found.
  12. Thanks John given they were investigating after a young lad was kicked the other week who wasn’t wearing hi vis I don’t think it was unreasonable to request they put something out.
  13. You like to think Taurus would confirm it either way before it got to that position
  14. Strange then how they were dressed the same and looked like security. It will be interesting to read their statement to result if they release one about their own enquiry on the fan who was kicked previously and now the suggestion it was one of theirs. We have had a few pictures sent to us and videos so we will do what we can to support those who were assaulted.
  15. Really makes you wonder who he is working for here, the fans or Abdallah still.
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