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  1. It will depend on the agreement in place I think, as a lot of younger players have a different percentage clause in place which would only see a percentage of anything over the original purchase price, so if the rumoured sale to Rangers was £750k it would be 20% on anything over that. Protects clubs taking risks on players to a very small extent. It will be interesting to see the deal we have, as 20% of the full fee would be lovely!
  2. Surely that is more than enough to remove them? If it is the same guy as Twitter he has about 14 alias on there also
  3. I’ve already answered your point, do you think we should target the landlord first, When the current owner of the club has ran the club the way he has the last three years? I don’t, which is why we have done it this way round. Safeguard the club then the ground.
  4. The ground hasn’t been under the clubs control since 1999 Blitz never separated them. He bought the ground from the council.
  5. How has he messed Abdallah around? I’m sorry but that simply isn’t true, quite the opposite. Abdallah has on the face of it done what he can to wind up the landowner, despite knowing from the off that he never owned the ground (something he confirmed on an interview with sky the day he joined) - Threatened legal action, reported Blitz to the police and has since been told no case to answer, Blitz even agreed to sell the ground to Abdallah but up to now has failed to come up with the funds, Abdallah failed to pay (below average in the league) rent payments and refused to engage to open the new stand. I’m not sure how Blitz has ‘messed Abdallah’ around at all based on the above. If you think having the ground under Abdallahs ownership given his current ownership of the club up to now I do wonder on what basis?
  6. Ahh Michael Malpas! It all makes sense. If we really wanted the three percent we could’ve gone for it at the last election, asking people to join the Foundation to improve it should be seen as a good thing!
  7. If you are in business Rob i’m sure you know paying over the odds is not what you, do especially given there is a stadium to buy also. Who in their right mind is going to pay near on £11mill for the ground and club?
  8. As we have said numerous times there have been bids made for the club by people far wealthier than Abdallah. I would suggest that isn’t just ‘hoping’. Interest continues to be there just not for £3-£5 million when you would only be buying a ‘brand’ Abdallah doesn’t even own the badge.
  9. Why does speaking out when things are being run badly make anybody a protest group? Healthy pressure! This is what the fan led review is all about. There is a massive difference.
  10. Most events seem to be working on the basis of showing proof of having two Covid jabs or a negative Covid test. I would be surprised if no away fans were allowed. Clubs do not seem to be working towards that at present from what they have told us.
  11. I am sure Graham if supporters wanted to go on they could without issue if they asked Matt. Plenty have gone on before, Paddy, Chris Nuttall, Ed, Andy Halliwell (which resulted in him becoming involved with it on a regular basis) and numerous others. PTB participate if asked, given we supported Matt in setting it up when he was wanting to get it off the ground and sometimes ask ourselves to go on. To say it becomes a voice for PTB is correct because we are willing to go on. You can’t complain it isn’t directed at others as much if they don’t engage with it.
  12. I think people who are not going to home games would be spending the money on going to more away games instead. I am sure the CF can be something we can promote as PTB during the new season through other events etc. It shouldn’t be a case where fans feel they have to do one or the other
  13. This was confirmed with paperwork seen. Not word of mouth.
  14. As you say Tracey, Blitz stated in his Q&A the rent goes up to £200k (which Abdallah signed and agreed to do) and still no negotiations regarding use or price so I would doubt there would be a change to that.
  15. The £100k has been the price of the lease for a number of years. The owner of the club has the option to try and engage with Brassbank but has chose not to, instead threatening court action despite Abdallah knowing he never owned the ground. Did we suggest the club should pay for it? I don’t think we did and was never meant to sound like that.
  16. 🗣Final Push!! It is the last day to get your signature on the petition being sent to Owner Abdallah Lemsagam. The more signatures the louder the voice. Send it to your friends, family and work colleagues to get us over before the end of the day!! Let’s get it signed, it’s time to Reclaim The Faith! https://www.change.org/p/oldham-athletic-requesting-abdallah-lemsagam-to-sell-oldham-athletic-football-club?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_28978685_en-GB%3A6&recruiter=1204488371&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=tap_basic_share
  17. More ability than most of our midfielders this season though. (Granted doesn’t say a lot)
  18. Placide after his mother passed away was a completely different player starting with Carlisle away. Some of the performances before then were superb. Pompey away, bury at home two standouts for me.
  19. It is going direct to their personal emails Chris and being delivered to the ground on their return to the club. I know there is press interest in speaking with Abdallah over it, this is only the start of the plans we have for the new season, we have to start somewhere
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