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  1. I think it comes from some comments to some national media outlets and beyond about using us as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I have no problem with him wanting to be ambitious and working at the highest level that he can, but he's got a lot of work to do at this level before he can think about moving higher up. To be fair, his iFollow interviews are a lot more down to earth and he does try to explain his thought process pretty well, even if what happens on the pitch doesn't always add up to it.
  2. Well that was as great as it was unexpected! It was a really good game overall, they had more control of the ball as you'd expect but we looked very good on the break and offered a threat throughout. Credit to Kewell who gave us a really solid defensive shape, we don't really have a team that I have faith will see a game out, so a good shape was crucial. We gave the ball away a lot and quickly in the second half but they didn't really punish it. Lawlor - We've definitely upgraded on last year in the keeper department (not that difficult I know). Even when conceding t
  3. A long way to go but... Really well worked 1st goal, Bahamboula the architect but really intelligent dummy by DKD and a great finish by Blackwood. Made me eat my words! Cancelled out some atrocious defending by Diarra for their goal. Danny Rowe, take a bow. Still obviously worried about us at the back, but we're looking decent on the break. Come on lads!
  4. I think Kewell's got it badly wrong. Really hope I'm mistaken.
  5. Honestly I thought he was naturally a right back who can play in midfield, but played centre back at Bradford. If I'm mistaken then Fage is the best we have at wing back. Not ideal.
  6. I'd usually have watched Exeter a few times before we play them. Instead I've had the joy of watching us play all season on iFollow so had to rely on my brother's opinion for a lot of this. They've been playing a 4-4-1-1 pretty consistently this season and I can't see that changing on Saturday. Nicky Law is their usual threat, but he hasn't been a regular this season and they're still doing well without him. That's mainly due to their strong academy coming to the fore. Josh Key, Jack Sparkes, Archie Collins, Joel Randall and Matt Jay have been regular starters and there are a
  7. You make some really valid points (especially on Rowe), but you back them up with half-truths. Wheater conceded 1, scored 1 and (decisively sadly) saved 1 in that game. Pidge conceded 5 because of the sending off (not to mention Zeus' incompetence). On the balance of play in the 1st half of that game we would've probably lost that game but only by the odd goal. The red card changed everything.
  8. Got to say I completely agree. Bowman will dominate Clarke and Jameson next week without an experienced head at the back.
  9. To put it simply, no. I'd rather we had Maamria for a 2nd season than Kewell this year. But sadly I'd also rather have Kewell for a season than Benachour.
  10. Maamria, albeit limited, was an upgrade on Banide at this level. I think Maamria is only marginally better than Kewell as a League Two manager, although I'd much rather have Maamria in charge of a team that's in a scrap. The biggest issue, and I blame the boardroom for this, is the jarring change in style between the two managers. Maamria's style is physical over technical, Kewell's style is vice versa. Both can work (with time of course) but switching from one to the other without giving either time is very likely to fail. Totally agree about the playing
  11. There are better managers out there without question. I can't see any better manager wanting to come to the club and get noticeably better results under this current regime. We could definitely pick apart Kewell's flaws and I'd go as far as saying that we've downgraded from Maamria (who's flaws we could also pick apart). But I believe that giving any manager a season will do more for us than chopping and changing. So while I think he's here more because he's AL's mate rather than being the best man for the job, I hope it'll give him more leeway than previous managers,
  12. Oh dear god that was awful. Worst performance of the season when a win would've given us a massive amount of breathing room. The first 30 mins we pretty good, which shows you just how bad the last 60 were. Hamer, Garrity and Keillor Dunn were very poor, but a special level of rating is reserved for Blackwood who was so bad. No points next week at Exeter that's for sure. That was our chance to get out of the relegation swamp, and we dived head first into it.
  13. So Wellens replaced Shez here, but Shez could replace Wellens at Swindon? Football's a funny one isn't it?
  14. Certainly a fair amount of changes, good to see some youngsters in the squad too. No idea about the formation, is there a left back in that lineup?
  15. I think we get a few thousand for winning each group stage match. That said, if our squad is that depleted already I hope we prioritise the league. Wouldn't put it past the owners not to though.
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