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  1. Southend leading 3-0 at Forest Green makes absolutely no sense. Now 9 points away from the drop. I think we'll win at least 5 games between now and the season's end, but performances like last night worry me.
  2. Agree about Bolton and Bradford. Both are hitting form and there's no runaway leader so they don't have a massive amount of ground to catch up. As abysmal as we were last night, we have been able to pull a good performance out of the bag when it isn't expected on occasions this season. I could see us winning or losing any of our remaining fixtures regardless of the opposition. As for Saturday, there's 3 more ex-players that we could be up against in Alessandra, Furman and Rod McDonald.
  3. Watched the goal back. Firstly, who's header was it from our free kick that was basically a clearance for them?? Secondly I blamed McCalmont for not taking down Quigley, but Diarra's half-hearted tackle actually brought down McCalmont before he had the chance to tackle/foul him! An absolute comedy of errors and summed up our night.
  4. I know you have to take interviews with a pinch of salt, but I'm glad that Kewell called the players out after that. We need an improvement on Saturday.
  5. Adams and Bahamboula are definitely good enough to keep on, although extension or not I think Bahamboula won't be here beyond the summer. Pidge and Jameson are borderline, Dearnley's issue is injury rather than ability. The rest need to prove themselves between now and May. Kewell's shown enough positives to be given the summer to try and improve despite his flaws. If we're still putting in performances like tonight next season then he won't deserve to be here.
  6. As a team we were appalling. Individually Adams, McAleny, DKD, Diarra and Lawlor (disappointing for the goal but good saves in the rest of the game) were average. Jameson improved in the 2nd half after a ropey 1st half. Barnes was unlucky. Vaughan got involved which is a credit to him for not shying away but looks far from ready from the 1st team. Bahamboula (albeit out of position), Hilßner, Clarke and McCalmont were poor. I know he would've got a suspension but I was really hoping that McCalmont would've brought down Quigley for the goal. He was way too soft with
  7. There's been some good performances this season and there's been some awful performances too. That was the worst though. Surely it can't get worse than that?
  8. I want to give Tasdemir a chance, but Grant should be playing in his place. Also this is the game where Pidge would do well. Quigley and James are a handful and we need a leader back there. Surprised we chose Diarra instead for the sub. Big improvement needed in the 2nd half.
  9. One of Clarke or Jameson needs to take control of the defence. The only alternative is for Adams to be less advanced and help them out more, although it would weaken our attack.
  10. According to the official site, Dearnley and Ntambwe are also unavailable.
  11. Agree about Jameson over Pidge, I'd like to see what him and Clarke could do with a run of games. There's not been a lot of shape to our midfield in the last couple of games but for me the closest thing I could call it is a diamond, with Hilßner deep, DKD more advanced, Bahamboula on the right and McCalmont on the left (possibly to give Badan more defensive support which is needed). Going off the last two performances I'd prefer CBJ to Badan if both are fit. Badan looks OK going forward but a lot of goals have come from his side and he's made a few errors (see the pena
  12. Last time against them, I thought we were our usual terrible at the back and great going forward. But I thought we probably should've won by a greater margin as they left a lot of gaps at the back. Clearly they've got players like Quigley who can do damage but I'm confident that we've got more of an attacking threat than they have. Their new man in charge Rob Kelly was caretaker earlier in the season and did OK I believe. Although I'm not sure how they'll approach tomorrow. The default approach of a team fighting relegation with a new manager would be to tighten up at the back
  13. That's how I see it. To get an obviously higher calibre of manager in would be gamble that I don't think we'd be able to afford and certainly not worth the risk at this time with money being tight across football. The thing that worries me is that he has said on a few occasions that it takes 3 years to properly build a team (which I kind of agree with), so it would be typical if he signs a 2 year extension and jumps ship in the summer.
  14. He's not amazing but I said it's a coaching success because DKD looked nowhere near the required level earlier in the season and needed to improve just to be acceptable. But to his credit he's made that improvement and Kewell has clearly had a positive influence on his game.
  15. I'd go as far as saying Kewell's best coaching success story so far going off where he was to the level he's playing now. Definitely on course for being our most improved player this season.
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