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  1. Out of that out-of-contract list, Bilboe didn't really get much of a chance but didn't look convincing when he played, so I'd have no problem if he left. Jombati has been very poor and should go. Ntambwe is the type of player who should fit into a Curle side but clearly isn't good enough. I'd only keep Barnes on a month-to-month deal or similar. I'd keep CBJ if Curle is here and of course McAleny, but of course I doubt we'll be able to convince him to stay. For the contracted players, I'd keep the majority of them on the strict condition that the bulk of them are squad players
  2. As impressive a job as he's done there so far, I think it would be a sideways move (at best) for Adams and a sideways move for us from Curle. He's a very similar type of manager to Curle but he'd have to make his own assessment of the club which Curle has done for the previous 14 games. Funnily enough if Forest Green don't go up I wouldn't be surprised if he was on their list. If he hadn't been sacked at Northampton that would be the type of club that would looking to get him to get them back up. Similar with Swindon although they might be in an even worse state than u
  3. He's the first manager who we've had for a while who might be in demand by teams at this level who are without a manager this summer. Especially as he's out of contract. I'll be fussed because I don't see us getting an upgrade.
  4. Sadly that might just happen. Very concerned at where we're heading if that's the case.
  5. I liked the look of him at Bradford but that 3rd goal shows that he's got a lot to learn.
  6. I've got family and friends down this way who are definitely hoping that we do Exeter a favour. If the squad want to prove to Curle that his assessment of them last week was wrong, then they'll need to be fired up for this. If they are then I think we have it in us to win. If not then we'll probably get slaughtered.
  7. If Curle doesn't stay then that's exactly what we should've done.
  8. Very sorry for your loss al_bro, rest in peace Ian.
  9. That's how I'm feeling. Curle isn't the saviour of the club as there's a lot more problems that are deeper than him, but letting him go elsewhere without a proper fight will epitomise their incompetent running of the club. It would be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me.
  10. I'm not convinced about playoffs but I think Dino, with reasonable control over recruitment, would've improved us to mid-table/top half. His influence at Burton (albeit as an assistant) has clearly had a positive effect. But I'd trust Curle (again, with reasonable control over recruitment) to do better than that if he stays based on his record with similar clubs at this level. Although of course the problem is that Wellens, Wild and Dino would all have probably improved us if they were given the next season to build their squads. If I were a betting man I'd say that C
  11. But Kewell did it regularly and it's a big reason why we conceded so many.
  12. One of things that makes me want to stick with Curle is that he has done well with clubs at this level who have had average budgets for this level. I can't see him being a manager who would try to force AL and Mo to break the bank in order to get promotion. The key issue won't be money imo. As everyone says, control is the key.
  13. The only player not deserving of that criticism during Curle's reign so far is Pidge, but I can see him being the most likely to be fired up by that comment for next week.
  14. Disagree about 3 at the back, which I think is the best formation to play. Totally agree with four of the back five being out of position. Needs to change next week if we're going to take the match seriously.
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