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  1. FourFourTwo has us finishing 20th. BetVictor has us finishing 24th. https://blog.betvictor.com/en-gb/sports/football/league-two/league-two-2021-22-season-preview-1-24/
  2. How many players are on her team? I'm just wondering the cost involved to produce one-off kits with "AL & Mo, Time to Go" on the front of their shirts? That would make you feel better about paying to watch.
  3. Says a lot about the way Exeter are running their academy that a seven-figure sum isn't unusual and that they're able to turn it down. Key certainly has the potential to be a Championship player.
  4. In terms of where their careers are heading then I'd agree about Iverson. But purely on how they were with us? Ripley.
  5. If the last week has taught us anything, it's that Oldhamfan21 is probably another Glossoplatic alter-ego.
  6. And you'll be there to pick holes in their hole picking. It's the circle of life.
  7. I heard a rumour that, in QPR's Championship promotion winning campaign, Warnock told Taarabt not to turn up for pre-season until the start of August in order for him not to make the dressing room chemistry toxic early on. Then gave him a free role in an otherwise highly-organised team.
  8. Curle is the first manager under the Lemsagams that I feel has it in him to get us towards the top of the league with an average budget, so expectations from me are higher than normal. However it already looks like Curle is going to have to deal with a lot of unnecessary shit flying his way from the club that it's reasonable to expect that it will hinder him. To what extent is hard to tell, but a full season with a squad of 23 players, Mo marginalised and Abdallah staying largely in the background I'd expect Curle to deliver a top 10 finish based on his previous achievements.
  9. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes So considering that we're under an embargo, my understand of it is that we still have the space to sign four more players, unless we get rid of any of the squad above. The embargo is far from ideal but a squad of 23 plus academy graduates doesn't seem too restrictive for us. I suppose the bigger issue is the state of the club that we're one of only three teams at our level to use the additional loan offered.
  10. I'll be honest I don't know about their results so you may be right, but there were more academy players who got pro contracts on his watch than previously and the likes of Vaughan, Sutton and Luamba look like they could transition into the 1st team this year (or be sold to a higher league like Emmerson and possibly Vaughan if rumours are true). Results matter of course, but I'd rather have people running the academy who can develop players to be ready for the first team or higher. I know it's less important than both things above, but I liked the way Murray spoke about his role when interviewed by BPAS.
  11. It's almost a drop in the ocean at this stage as so many players and staff are being pushed out regardless of ability, but it looked and sounded like Murray was doing a decent job with the current crop of youngsters.
  12. Are you actually Barry trying to throw us all off the scent?
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