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  1. Scunny are doing a good job at being one of those teams, Saturday will be a good indicator of whether Carlisle could be too.
  2. So he doesn't have a lot to pick from, but the shape of the team looked really poor and a lot of players looked out of position, which Curle has to take some blame for. DKD is a player that I wouldn't play anywhere else other than on the shoulder of the last defender. He absolutely doesn't have the vision, awareness, passing nor crossing ability of an attacking midfielder or winger, but he can at least finish. Bahamboula as a central striker is a painful waste of a player. I only saw the 2nd half live so I didn't see Hope at left wing-back thankfully but even having him out on the left when we are chasing the game and he's just scored makes no sense. I've gone from thinking that Curle is a good managerial choice who we should back, to one that I'd be indifferent to see stay or go despite having such a difficult environment to work in and our obvious need for continuity in the dugout. He's been a disappointment and needs a good result on Saturday.
  3. McGahey played a really clumsy pass to Clarke, the ball bounced off him into the path of Osadebe who finished easily. Terrible defending.
  4. It's a winnable game and one that I expect a manager of Curle's experience to find a way to win (pretty or not) against a relatively inexperienced manager like Matt Taylor. Any win with a 5th clean sheet in 6 would be ideal. However my Exeter-supporting brother was impressed with Walsall in the match a few weeks ago, saying that they were the better team on the day despite being a lot lower in the league. George Miller was a threat.
  5. If anyone tech savvy could create an "Oldham Athletic: Days without Crisis" sign on here I'd be very grateful. Although realistically you could leave it at 0 days for most of the time and you'd be up to date.
  6. Are you telling me that you consider Queensy Menig's £11k a week (plus hotel expenses) for 5 months to be silly money?! How dare you!
  7. Very good post. I don't mind if Bahamboula and Dearnley were tiring, they were our two biggest (albeit limited) threats. Hope and Bettache made us much less of a threat.
  8. On that evidence I'd be much more worried for my job if I was Nigel Clough than Curle. They looked extremely poor given their budget level and signings.
  9. Not seen the whole half but we've looked pretty decent for the last 30 mins.
  10. ...at least it would move things along to their natural conclusion a bit quicker.
  11. That's based on the assumption that we're challenging for the playoffs and they're still a non-league club isn't it? I think we can win it with the same lineup as last Saturday, but in our current situation I'd accept a 3rd clean sheet on the bounce in the league.
  12. We should also pay off Curle's replacement now while we're at it. No point wasting time because his replacement will go the same way as him.
  13. After all the managers and head coaches we've been through under this Sporting Director already, you don't seriously believe that do you? It's very, very likely to get worse yet again.
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