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  1. I’d get rid of Jameson diarra and Baden out of that defence signed up for next year simply not good enough
  2. The worrying thing is is Garrity playing cause he might be here next season
  3. The one game above all others I wish I had gone to missed it for a stag do that I couldn’t get out of to either ripon or thirsk races remember when we got the result through singing Oldham in the stand at the race course there must of been about 4 or 5 coach loads of different trips from Oldham who joined in bizarre to say the least
  4. Can see us offering contracts to Fage Mcaleny borthwick Jackson and one of the keepers Walker or lawlor Mcaleny will prob decline and may be Borthwick Jackson as well I can see Fage signing and one of the goalies give us 12 0r 13 going forward for next season if curle stays I hope they leave him to sign the 5 or 6 key players we will need next season
  5. Where do the likes of arsenal and Tottenham and united think they will finish in this super league they haven’t troubled the Man City Chelsea monopoly on the premier league for years it’s about money and nothing else Man City. Big club no way rich club yes Ajax 4 times winners of European cup Nottingham forest twice Aston Villa once. Celtic far bigger club fan wise world wide than city Tottenham and arsenal and past. Winners and finalist big 6 my arse big heads more like
  6. Hope they take it as an opportunity to move Mo over and get a proper director of football not that I think we need one and have a manager running team affairs rather than a head coach. But alas I know it won’t happen
  7. I’m ok with that he’s had good moments just hope mccaleny got something similar in his contract.
  8. Our first half display deserved more but two idiotic decisions cost us 2 nd half we weren’t as good but pulled one back. Funny old game football but we needed more 2nd half should of brought Sutton on and put piagianni up top for last 20 mins
  9. What’s Karl evans got to do with how the team performs
  10. I don’t doubt he will get another job I was wondering which one of the two evils he would choose hi he had to pick one
  11. I wonder who wellens would chose if he had to work under Al/Mo or the Neville regime again
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