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  1. They haven’t yet said there will be no pay on the day for Hartlepool game just that they not selling tickets
  2. Anybody else had problems listening to audio commentary it just telling me to put passcode in but don’t know where to get it
  3. Jacob Blyth looked like a shit jake Cassidy yesterday and we all know how crap he was I hope the short term deal is a week junior did more in the first 5 mins he was on than blyth did all game
  4. Is furman one of the trialist or has he left the building
  5. Was the fee from Rangers 750k paid straight away or was it in instalments ie half paid initially and half after so many games maybe other payments based on winning the title ? No one knows for sure I would have thought . Barry fry has said rangers want 1.5 m so it’s just guess work as to what we will receive I don’t think we will see any of it invested
  6. Football education manager surely Al and Mo need to enrol in this programme
  7. In all seriousness I’d of had Iverson over ripley
  8. Yes she did it was a pleasure to help out like I said it wasn’t me who found it it was a work colleague
  9. Hi can anyone help my work colleague found a purse this morning belonging to Rebecca it’s got some Latics tickets in it for away matches morecambe Fulham etc doe any one know her please let me know as there is personal items in it
  10. What do you think of the boycott lads Mo? not a lot let them try boycotting the Wigan game I have a cunning plan
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