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  1. Piagianni and Blackwood changed that game. For us. Well done HK for the Ht changes but the first half was woeful
  2. Lost for words. Absolutely crap by kewell i can’t work out where Bahamboula was playing tonight but it wasn’t onthe right which is his best position
  3. It’s a yes from me we need some sort of stability .attacking wise best for a long time defence issues need sorting obviously but he’s done enough to get a new deal in my opinion
  4. Think you need to check again I’ve had points deducted
  5. How come I had 50 points at the end of January and only got 42 now I know I scored points yesterday as well
  6. Needs tying down on a contract extension
  7. Great result and well battled by the 10 jombati should never pull the shirt on again. Kewell should hang his head in shame he should of subbed jombati after about 20 mins of the first half. Who didn’t think he was going to be sent off I knew he would be and so did the rest of us. Thank god for Dylan Bahamboula
  8. Hopefully jombati piagianni and lawlor will be three of them
  9. I’d get rid of every one of our centre half’s jombati shouldn’t wear the shirt again and capt fantastic comes back and we let four in. He just knocks the ball long to one of theirs every time or takes an age to pass to the left back. Lawlor not good enough
  10. I think most fans would be happy if we went into the last month of the season with a glimmer of hope of reaching the playoffs but most fans my self included will be probably disappointed
  11. Only 8 players contracted beyond the end of this season if I’ve worked it out right and I’ve included the options being taken up on ntambwie and bahamboula
  12. 3 goals in last three seasons not played this. Season. No thanks
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