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  1. Port vale will push for promotion this season I think they the best side we’ve played up to yet midfield is our big problem no experience and out battled to easily Whelan and McCalmont just not up for it week in week out can’t wait for tue for Southend’s first win of the season
  2. I can’t see what McCalmont Brings he’s been poor in every game get him off
  3. Be a flat back four looking at that team 451 rowe up top dearnley and Mcaleny supporting him from wide
  4. I honestly thought it would be same team as sat apart from clarke for Jombati the mind boggles with that selection Carlisle much improved from the first game of the season
  5. Nothing but trouble a lot of talent but off field a nightmare
  6. Same team for me but I’d go 442 dearnley and rowe as front two
  7. I’ve heard milovanovic. Not being taken on
  8. These two signings feel like Jamie Reckord type signings hope I’m wrong
  9. I think he will improve as the season progresses and he gets games under his belt I was quite impressed on first viewing of him looks a good signing
  10. I’d be quite happy cashing in on hammer putting Jombati at RB Sort out Wheater,s pay dispute And stick him next to Pidge in the centre Back four sorted a couple of back up defenders an older head in midfield And we be ready to go our forward players look good especially if we get rowe back
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