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  1. correct - i find it refreshing - instead of the usual fence-sitting that normally gets presented.
  2. You can see curle is totally pi***d off and disappointed by that and by the players "no leaders in that changing room" says it all for me
  3. Didn't Sven Goran Erikksson do that at Notts County?
  4. Just how shit are we? Fage, ntwambe,diarra and badan- 4 subs please!
  5. If all this fella does is goal-hang and score - that will do for me. We already have enough players running around with zero end product!
  6. Play is not quick enough- very rarely get behind defences - only when the opposition allow it through mistakes or poor play. Keeper hasn't got a rush in him - at 1-0 today ...slow kicking or even worse a short pass to icavitti No goals in this team at all.
  7. Banide and his assistant were both in the dugout - I don't know who the randomer on the pitchside bench was...
  8. I would have popped over for this but 7.00 kick off is too early for me.
  9. Forest Green Rovers FC (First Team) v Oldham Athletic FC (First Team)Football League 2 Referee: Hair, Neil Assistant Referee: Lee, Matthew Assistant Referee: Maskell, Garry Fourth Official: Kidd, Christopher this fella reffed the mk Dons opener last season.
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