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  1. If the upshot of this is that people stop using the word 'brand' in connection with their football club then it's all been worth it
  2. Is it possible he'll be the next Jay Fulton. I'll be honest i've not seen much of either of them but I remember he was really poor when he was here and has since gone on to become a regular in the Swansea team
  3. This was a great interview, probably my favourite yet. I found it heart-wrenching in a way that there are good football people like Paul Murray around who have such a fondness for the club and desperate to do well for us. I'd love him to be manager but at the same time I would hate it, you wouldn't want anyone you care about to get the job in the current circumstances
  4. This is really good stuff, thanks for doing it, I think you're achieving your goal of balance, not aggressive but not backing off with important questions either.
  5. I feel like i've dropped the ball on this one. I'm jealous
  6. Thanks very much for doing this Chaddyexile, appreciate you taking the time - good luck with whatever you are dealing with
  7. There's more than one of us in Canada? Where are you?
  8. Looked like a good communicator in the little I saw of this game (final 35 mins), encouraging
  9. Happy New Year to you all from Vancouver! Will be looking forward to getting back for the Tranmere game
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