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  1. I did some digging! He was ok to place the first leg in Haiti but not the second in the US “Duverger, who is Canadian-born, played the game because starting goalkeeper Johny Placide could not travel to Chicago since he had not quarantined for the 14 days required after leaving Europe.”
  2. No, Placide was playing fairly recently - I think he played in the first of two legs against Canada in the World Cup qualifiers. The goal conceded by his replacement in the second leg is well worth a watch - it's about 4.30 in on this:
  3. They (we) play Haiti tomorrow and USA Sunday. Assuming that all goes fine the next game would be 24th or 25th. Not sure where you can watch it, there’s a provider called OneSoccer but not sure if that’s available in England
  4. I'm also struggling with that code - says invalid
  5. I'm trying, but every time I have my selections just about perfect some guy in a flat cap barges in and changes half of them
  6. A draw would be handy here... but it would take me out of 17th
  7. I was cursing that goal too, i'm settling into mid-table after a promising start England failed to throw the lead away and give me 3 points
  8. If the upshot of this is that people stop using the word 'brand' in connection with their football club then it's all been worth it
  9. Is it possible he'll be the next Jay Fulton. I'll be honest i've not seen much of either of them but I remember he was really poor when he was here and has since gone on to become a regular in the Swansea team
  10. This was a great interview, probably my favourite yet. I found it heart-wrenching in a way that there are good football people like Paul Murray around who have such a fondness for the club and desperate to do well for us. I'd love him to be manager but at the same time I would hate it, you wouldn't want anyone you care about to get the job in the current circumstances
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