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  1. Me too, hanging off the bottom of floodlight pylon in order to see, as i was only 11, and wearing my green parka!
  2. We Still sing the boys in blue song at end of every match even when watching online this season. RIP Bobby Ball
  3. If we play it on the floor, could be good attacking formation to play off so Rowe, but if we startvlumping it again, could be on the back foot in centre midfield Glad to see young Clarke starting.
  4. Better leg room than main stand, although I can still hear the moaners....and I'm watching it alone!
  5. I played1978-1981, for 13th, and we we finished second or first in cup and league , with 2nd Oldham as our rival ( we were either side of Ashton road. ) my grandad was in 2nd in the mid 1920s. Great for community spirit.
  6. In my days, there were enough bb companies to form the oldham bb saturday football league, at least 12 team league.
  7. I'm somewhat hooked , so please continue to tackle this subject
  8. I'm usually a dab hand at IT so hoping this app will work like a bream.
  9. I did worry about grant in that when in possession played hopeful punts rather than play the easier safer short pass.
  10. Shows you if you recruit players who have had a decent apprenticeship then they can play a bit.
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